s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 124

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 “Your father had issues with size,” says Darci walking away.

 Abby closes her eyes, shaking her head hard.  “Mom, TMI, just too much information.”

 Dathan looks down at the floor and tries desperately not to laugh.


            Emma pulls on the rope, half expecting to see Jo on the other end, or Sam, but it is a blonde girl who looks about ready to pass out.  The rescue workers have taken Emma’s rope and anchored it away from the train, but Emma is still perched on the last car, waiting to catch sight of Jo again.  The EMT take the girl away before Emma can touch her, so Emma places a flat hand on the car, closing her eyes and concentrating hard. 

             “No…,” whispers Emma, Fate fights to right itself.  “JO!”




            “Sam, god damn it, you can’t die here.  Shaun will never fucking forgive you,” grumbles Jo as she manages to move the door slightly.  Each time she moves the door telekinetically the train car lurches, it’s as if the door is somehow hinged to the balance of the car.  Her hands are cut badly, but Jo isn’t stopping, not noticing that the train is filling with smoke and the fire isn’t far behind.  Jo has tried to use her ShadowWalking spell to phase Sam out of the wreckage, but she hasn’t been able too.  When she tried a second time, her nose gushed with blood, drenching her upper lip. 

 Emma, I can’t ShadowWalk next to Sam.  I think her redundant powers negates it. And I’m cut and I’m not healing.  She’s a buffer power like Dylan.

 Get the hell out of there, Jo!  I can barely hear you!

             “Jo…,” manages Sam.  Opening one grey eye, the other swollen shut from the door slamming into her.  She’d managed to push Daisy out of the way and gotten the brunt of the impact. 

             “Hey, hey, come on, help me push this thing…,” says Jo, tears streaming down her face, but Jo doesn’t know why.  Her brain has processed that Sam isn’t going to come out of this alive, but her heart still holds that glimmer of hope. 

             Sam reaches up with her right hand, clumsily grabbing Jo’s, squeezing it.  “It’s useless, save yourself, Jo.”

             “No, no it’s not!” says Jo desperately.  “I can’t leave you here Sam, I can’t… you know I can’t…”  Jo grabs at the door again, her bloody palms slipping, crashing to her knees next to Sam.  “I can’t”

             Sam swallows hard.  “You can, someone has to watch out for Shaun when I’m gone…

            “You are NOT gone!  Damn it, I’ve been in worse situations than this and…”

             “Jo, don’t die here with me, please, or I’ll never be at peace…,” says Sam softly.  “It’s okay, CJ’s there waiting for me, Jesse too… please Jo, go and don’t look back.”

             “Jo!” yells Emma from the window, flames now licking up the side of the train.  Jo looks back, watching as Emma scrambles into the car.  “Oh god, Sam.  Emma get her out of here!”

             “Get… her out… of here…,” says Sam with the last of her strength, “Tell Shaun I love her.”

             “No, you are going to tell her yourself,” says Jo as Emma wraps her arms around Jo, tugging at her friend.   Emma sees the flashes of what is about to happen, but can she change it?  She has seconds to act, dragging Jo away from Sam, knowing it is futile to try and save her now.  “Emma let me go!” yells Jo desperately, her fingertips brushing Sam’s, not wanting to leave her.  Emma drags her to the window and her powers kick in. 

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