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Hey guys! So I've been at college for about a week now, and it's been going great so far! I started class today, and I also started tutoring in hopes of making some extra money, so things will definitely be a little busy!

As much as I miss my family, I've really been loving the city I'm in, and I'm having fun exploring it with some new friends!

Like I've said before, I'm gonna try and update as much as possible, but they may not be as often as every week anymore, just a warning.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy this chapter, just a little something fluffy to finish the week off!

"Lo, Lauren wake up" Camila pleaded, shaking the woman awake. She was close to tears, and if Lauren didn't wake up soon she was definitely going to start crying.

"Hm? Baby?" The woman asked groggily, peeling her eyes open. Upon seeing the small girl's teary eyes, she immediately sat up, checking her over for any obvious injuries.

"Baby what's wrong?" She asked, her voice panicked and still hoarse from sleep.

"My tummy hurts" the small girl whimpered, a sob falling from her pouty lips.

Now that Lauren was awake, staying big was the least of her concerns. I'm her head, the only thing that mattered was that mama was here, and she'd take care of everything.

"Oh honey" Lauren sighed, pulling the now crying girl into her lap. She entry ran her hand across the girl's lower stomach, her warm hands soothing the skin between the waistline of her diaper and the hem of her shirt.

"Hot" the girl cried, tugging at the bottom of her shirt and scrunching her face up.

Lauren looked at her worriedly, feeling the girl's forehead. It didn't feel like she was running a fever, and the woman wanted to avoid giving her any unnecessary medicine.

In the meantime, she decided what the girl needed now was a change and maybe a warm bottle, which would hopefully soothe her upset stomach a bit.

"Alright doll, lets change you and get you a nice warm bottle okay?" Lauren asked, not waiting for a response before settling the girl onto her back, and gently starting to untape the tabs of her diaper.

Camila whined loudly, biting back a sob and reaching up for the woman to hold her.

"I know baby, I know. I'll hold you as soon as you're out of this yucky thing alright?" The woman cooed softly, wiping the girl and rolling the dirty wipes into the used diaper.

Thinking for a second, she decided it's probably be for the best if she left the girl in her diaper, just in case she had a different kind of accident.

Camila had never done that in her diaper, but with an upset tummy, Lauren really didn't want to take the risk.

"Alright baby, you're okay, mama has you" she whispered, taping the last tab on the diaper and immediately picking her little girl up. She'd stripped her of her shirt, and could practically feel the warmth coming off the girl's body.

She walked downstairs, pulling out one of the premade bottles she left in the fridge for times like these. Sticking it in the microwave, she gently swayed at Camila whimpered into her shoulder.

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