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Reminders: Ignoring your little is not a punishment, it's emotional abuse. NEVER ignore your little. If you need time alone, or a break tell them. And never take away safe items like certain stuffies, pacis, blankies etc. They're safe items for a reason.

1. Time outs. My daddy just makes me lay in bed and I can't talk or do anything. We FaceTime 24/7 so he can see what I'm doing. If you don't do this, just have them sit/stand in the corner or lay on their bed and maybe take a video for however long their time out is, if you can't video chat at that moment. Or schedule it for when you can.
2. No sweets/desert.
3. Write sentences. Or a paragraph (Or more/less depending on your goals for your little.) On what they did wrong and how they plan on not doing it again.
4. Make them sit/stand in an uncomfortable position. (Ex: sitting on their hands, on knees, on knees with head to floor, stand with hands above head etc.) Do not do this for extended periods of time. I'd say a max of 4-5 minutes. It can be very painful.
5. Washing mouth out with soap. I could only see this one being used if your little has a bad mouth/troubles with cursing too much. But use safely and always make sure they spit it out.
6. Early bedtime.
7. Loss internet time.
8. Loss of game time.
10. Loss of cartoon time.
11. Loss of toys.

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