Advertise Your Book Here!

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Everyone wants to get famous on Wattpad. But there are very few advertisement opportunities. I mean, really, where can you display your book in a way that isn't self-promotion? 

Plus, I love reading all of your works, and I especially love it when other people like your books as much as I do! 

What better way to achieve both than by letting you advertise your books right here? 

I've decided to hold a contest of sorts. I will pick two lucky winners who will have their books advertised here. This is how it will work: the winners will send me information on their book, including the title, a blurb, a three to four paragraph excerpt (it can be less, if you want), a cover (that's optional), and a trailer (also optional.) I will post all of these things in the form of two chapters, one chapter for each winner. 

And all you have to do is three, simple things: follow me, vote for this chapter, and comment a little blurb about your book.  

Then, I will reach out to the two most enthusiastic participants and message you that you won. You will send me the information and- 


Everyone who sees it will want to read it. 

AJSHDJKSJD! I'm so excited to read what you send me!

Good luck, writers! 

May the odds be ever in your favor. (Lol see what I did there?)

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