Chapter 16-shes kinda hot though!-

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Sky's pov-
It's been two weeks and Jakes pissed at me for staying with them especially because of all the drama that's been going on with banks "assaulting" their assistant but I know it's not true he's to nice for that and honestly Ricky and Alissa are goals!
"Hey B where's my conditioner" I heard Alex ask
"Top right" I said back
"Thanks babe" he said
"Welcome" I said. Now I know what your thinking BABE! But it's just something he has called me ever since I moved in!(in this story Alex is 18 so not that far apart)
And honestly it's pretty cute I call him Ally and he allows me which is cool. Tonight me, Alex, Elton,Sam,Colby, and Corey are going back to the abandoned mall and tbh im excited.
-skip to when they meet up around 11 pm-
"I'm so excited" I said
"Oh just wait until we get there it's sketchy as hell" Sam said
"Yeah it is" Elton agreed
"Yeah yeah don't ruin her mood!" Alex said
"Thank you Ally" I said
He just hummed in response
"Ally?" Colby and Corey asked slightly laughing
"Yeah and he calls me babe so there just nicknames" I said
"Nice" they said back
"Guys there's a huge hole over there so don't go over there" Elton said
"Heh look at that" I said pointing to a open door
"That wasn't open like two seconds ago" Corey said
"Well that's nice" I said
"Hello" Elton screamed
"It's me" I sang
They all looked at me
"What" I asked
"Wait I have a idea" I said
"What" they asked
"Watch and learn" I said
Then I walked in the door and told them to follow me
"We're coming in" Alex yelled
"DONT HURT ME IM A MUSER" I screamed as they all looked at me and then laughed

"Whaaaat it will work" I said
-couple hours later-
"Get out" I heard someone whisper
"Guys tell me you heard that" I said grabbing onto Alex's hand and squeezing it
"Yeah we heard it" Elton said
"Hey hey your ok alright" Alex said
"I got you" he said smiling at me
"Im gonna ask is this my  birthday present from you?" I ask since my birthday is actually today since it's 3 am
"Um yeah sure" they said
"Worst birthday gift everr" I said
"Yeah we know" they said
-back at the house-
"Omg I thought you died" Alissa said running and hugging me
"Well we almost did" I laughed
"Ok go to bed now" her and Ricky told us
"Fine mom and dad" we said at the same time
"Yeah yeah now up you go" she said again
-next morning-
I woke up to 5sos playing she kinda hot tho and Alex dancing while singing into a hair brush I took a Snapchat of it and put the caption
"The things I wake up to! Like wth is going on😂😂😂"
"Just a itty bitty tiny little hot" I said

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