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Name: Avon Queen Jackson

Date of Birth: April 3, 2002

Age: 15 years old

Race: African American

Parents: Myrah and James Jackson

Past: When Avon was only 2 days old, she was abandoned in front of Gotham Orphanage simply because her parents no longer cared for her. Curly hair, big brown eyes, dimples, she was beautiful, and her features started to show as she grew older. No one cared for her, but Pastor Williams, from the church across the street. He got her saved, helped her pray, and raised her to be a humble young lady. As he grew up though, he noticed how she still dressed and acted as if she were no older than 4 years old, concerned he called a psychiatrist, who confirmed she was a 'Little' otherwise known as DDLG, she was more comfortable in that state of mind. Pastor Williams was an old man though, and died of a heart attack only a year later. That's when she wandered the streets, occasionally stealing clothes, food, and more, not knowing it was wrong. Her charm got her invited into homes to bathe, brush her teeth and do her 'business', before leaving and continuing her innocent act of crime.

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