Where The Important Things Are - Season 3

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The number of entries per round will break down as so:

Round 1: 64

Round 2: 32

Round 3: 16

Round 4: 8

Round 5: 4

Round 6: 2

The entries moving on each round will be recommended from you -- both readers and contestants. Your input and your votes will be highly regarded by the Judging Team when making their decisions. This team of members will ultimately decide who moves on each round.

The most asked question so far:


Votes will be place in the comments of each voting section

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Votes will be place in the comments of each voting section.

Allow me to break this down further.

A group posting will include the following:

-The entries included in that group

-The voting criteria for that specific round

-Deadline to vote

Where you vote:

-Directly in the comments of the group posting.

-Not in the comments of their story, unless you're doing that just because you want to.

-The only votes eligible will be the ones posted in the comments of the group posting.

What your votes will contain:

-The story you are voting for

-A comment answering the question we ask for the round

-If your vote does not contain both then it will be ineligible

How will votes affect the Judging Team's choices?

-The number of votes cast for a particular book

-The content answered by voters about a particular book

-This means that quantity of votes will not always beat the quality of votes

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