I can be clingy sometimes but so are you.

When I hear bad news your always there to help me through the blues.

If I feel down or sad your always there to help me dig up the sand.

You wipe my tears away from my face and hold me tight to tell me everything will be okay.

Helping me through thick and thin because you care.

If one day the light goes out I'll be glad you stuck around.

Your the type of friend to cherish and remember till the end.

If you were to perish I would be happy you were my friend.

Remember when we were kids in your backyard.

Running around with big sticks pretending to fight of guards.

You can never forget such memories like our first birthday.

When we had slumber parties and how we are today.

We have two little monsters now who create big messes.

But we never get onto them because of their cute little faces.

I will talk to you later and visit your grave.

No matter how the weather because best friends we will stay.

                                                 Good bye                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -your best fried

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