Part 113*

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After playing around at the beach, Shravan and Sumo finally made their way back up to the room once they were done with dinner. Shravan was exhausted and so was Sumo, but she wanted to keep playing in the sand while Shravan needed her to get some rest.

Sumo: (pouting) Shravan!! I wanted to play some more!!!

Shravan: Baby, you've been playing in the sand for hours!! Aren't you tired??

Sumo: No I'm not!

Shravan: But I am! And you need to rest too because tomorrow is going to be a hectic day and you'll get exhausted and sick if you don't rest.

Sumo: Ok fine!

Shravan: (smiling) That's like my good girl! Now why don't we snuggle and have some fun in bed?? (winking)

Sumo: (blushing) I'm down to snuggle.

Shravan: Ok, go and get changed up in our room. I got to make a couple of calls back home. I'll be back in a couple.

Sumo: (pecking his cheek) Don't be late.

Shravan: (pecking her lips) I won't, I promise.

After their brief little moment, Sumo ran up the stairs, getting ready for bed. Just as she went to open her bag, she found the package that Preeti had given her right before they flew out of India.

Sumo: (to herself) Shoot! I completely forgot about this! Preeti told me to open it when I arrive here! Humm! Let's see what my Pretty Preeti got for me!

Sumo unwrapped the package and when she saw what was inside, her cheeks turned a bright shade of pink in sheer embarrassment. What was in the bag? A silk and lacy piece of lingerie. It was a short little night dress, with royal blue silk at the top near the chest. From the waist down, it was a net material with floral designs, leaving her stomach area visible. The short little dress was paired with an even shorter piece of loose shorts, made with the same silky material. Sumo just stared down at the apparel in embarrassment and shock. Quickly, she reached out for her phone, and dialed Preeti's number.

On the phone with Preeti.

Preeti: Hello Suman Di, how are-----

Sumo: (cutting her off)  Preeti, you little devil!!!

Preeti: (laughing) I see you opened your little gift from me!!

Sumo: (blushing) I did! And what the hell is this!!??

Preeti: Suman Di, it's called lingerie!

Sumo: I know that you idiot!! But why did you give this to me?! What am I supposed to do with it?!

Preeti: Suman Di, you're on your honeymoon!! Of course I'm gunna gift you lingerie!! And what do you mean "what are am I supposed to do with this"?! If you're not gunna wear it then who? Is Shravan supposed to wear it?!

Sumo: I know but----

Preeti: (cutting her off) Suman Di, the number one essential for a honeymoon is lingerie!! If you don't have a fancy resort it's alright! But you have to have the real goods!!

Sumo: But how do I wear this in front of Shravan!!? This thing covers like nothing!! And he's my best friend from our childhood!! What will he think of me!?

Preeti: Di, he was your best friend before but now he's your husband!!! Stop being so shy!!! And please wear it on!!

Sumo: (hesitating) But......but.....

Preeti : You like Hrithik right? Than be Kareena! Shravan Jiju is your Hrithik and you are his Soniya!! (bursting out laughing)

Sumo: I think you have completely lost it!!

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