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Pen Your Pride

Meeting Emo Sheep

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The voice made shivers run Down my spine as I was now afraid to look behind me. It's got to be him, It has to be Near. I decided to look behind me and I was shocked to see.. Not Near, but Matt. "Matt?" I asked monotonously. "HAHA! YOU REALLY THOUGHT I WAS THAT SHEEP, DIDN'T YOU?" He joked. "Um..Well, Yes." I replied calmly. He laughed even more before catching his breath and began talking again. "I see you stalk him EVERY DAY!" He commented. "No, I don't." I lied. Matt (of course) saw through my lie directly. "Well, We need to get to know each other more.. You seem, VERY familiar." Matt said. 'He doesn't remember me? Not a single thing? Of all the times we went through together..?' I thought. I looked Down for a moment and got slight tears in my eyes. "E-Eh!? D-DID I UPSET YOU!? I-IM SORRY I REALLY DIDN--" I cut him off and gave him a peck on the cheek. He stared wide eyed, blushed 50 shades of red and almost had a nose bleed. He was Close to fainting before he squeeled and ran off. "M-MEELLOOO!!!!!" He screamed Mello's name on his way as he kept running back to his room. I wiped off my tears as I couldn't help but feel... Relieved.. I missed all of them, Near, Mello and Matt we're all good friends of mine. But, If Near isn't here...

Where is he?

I decided to go a round around the Library to see if I can find him, I can't make it too obvious though. I went and looked in each corner of the room to find no one in sight.  I have to admit, I was a bit dissapointed but my dissapointment quickly faded away as I heard a voice. "AWW, IS MY LITTLE GIRL LOOKING FOR HER BOYFRIEND?" The Shittygami asked. "No, you idiot." I replied, loudly and clearly this time. There were no one else in the Library so, I didn't have to mumble to him anymore. "OH, SO YOU'RE LOOKING FOR YOUR SECRET 'CRUSH~'" He said. "Maybe." I replied in my usual monotone voice. "HEHE, SO YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH THE SHEEP??" He asked. I nodded in response as I kept going around each corner of the Library, just in case I missed something or someone. I noticed a door, slightly open so I could see through it. An even bigger Library is in there. 'He's gotta be in here..' I thought to myself and took hand of the handle, turning it and opening the door. I walked in it and looked up at the beautiful flower shaped Windows at the top. I didn't watch where I was going, so I ended up stumbling on something on the floor, falling on my side on the concrete floor as my vision started getting slightly blurry because of the fall.

"OUCH... THAT MUST'VE HURT" The Shinigami said before getting interrupted by a monotone voice. "Please excuse me, I did not mean to make you stumble." The voice said, I thought it was probably Matt joking With me again and pretending to be Near. I saw a hand Reach out for me to grab it, I did and played along to what Matt was up to. I grabbed the Cold hand and got up, But then.. My vision started getting less blury and I saw him. 'NEAR' I thought. Not Mello, Not Matt, Not anyone else in the orphanage. Just simply Near standing in front of me. "You can let go of my hand now, you know.." He said monotonously. I looked Down at me, still holding his hand. A tiny non-noticable blush crept on my face as I let go of his hand. "My name is F/n." I said. He sat on the floor again and kept playing With his toys, ignoring what I said. "And you?" I asked him. "Near." He replied coldly. "Nice to meet you, Near." I said in my usual voice. "Pleasure's all mine." He replied. I sat Down With him and saw the book he was Reading. "Black roses.." I read out loud. "It's a favorite of mine. I really enjoy the content and the effort put in, in the book. I was about to finish if but got interrupted by a certain girl stumbling over me." He explained. "Sorry." I apologized. "It isn't Your fault. You're New here, aren't you?" He asked me and set a Puzzle piece in the correct place. "Yes.. Kind of." I said. "Kind of?" He asked. "It's a long story." I replied. "Well f/n, Either way.. I suggest you leave now." He said. "Hm, Why?" I asked him. "I am not intrested in beeing friends With anyone. And if you we're to be my friend you would get bullied by other kids." Near said. "Friends are much more important than you believe, Near." I said. "Great, Not you too.. Another girl that has a crush on me and wants to lecture me, even though I am obviously a higher Level of her intelligence." He said and knocked Down a robot toy in annoyence. "Crush..?" I asked. "You do realize that I noticed you stalking me, right?" He replied. "..." I was silent for a second. 'I'm not fixing anything, keep this up and he'll end up hating me.' I thought. "OOO!! ALREADY PISSED HIM OFF!" The Shinigami said and flew around me in a circle.

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