Chapter 45 - Missed messages & borrowed beanie

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The buzzing of my phone was incessant. I ignored it for as long as I could before rolling out of my own bed (which I surprisingly slept in) and crawling across the floor of the bedroom in a true army style. After reaching it, I curled up into a ball on my side and unlocked the iPhone.

As suspected, all of the missed calls were from harry, with a few sprinkled in from Louis and one from Liam. Along with all of those was a text from Perrie, who I had instantly taking a liking to. But the most surprising was the missed call from my mother.

I was in the middle of dialling her back when the phone lit up and Harry's number flashed across the screen. Scowling, I tapped speakerphone and curled further into my little ball of warmth on the floor as I answered it, still groggy with sleep. "Ello?"

"Norah, God damnit, why are you not answering your phone?"

His voice was frantic from the other line and woke me up almost immediately. "Is everything okay? What's going on?"

"No, everything is not okay, Norah. We did not get Plan B yesterday."

"Fuck, I really should have stayed in bed if that's all-"

"Norah, are you kidding right now?" He growled. "We need to go to the doctor immediately. I'll send James to come get you and meet you there. I have someone who will--"

"No, Harry-"

"He can get us in immediately and-"

"Harry, would you shut up for a minute?" I snapped. The line went silent and I rolled my eyes, picturing him tugging on his hair in that horribly endearing way he had. "I got it yesterday when I left your apartment. That shit is expensive."

There was a shaky sigh of relief from the other side. "You are getting birth control. It is not up for discussion."

"I wasn't going to fight you on that, but okay." I chewed on my fingernail and debated whether or not I should stand up off the floor. "Hey, are you coming to our Thanksgiving over here? Everyone's gonna be here, and you should come. And bring that wine."

"I have work on Thanksgiving."

I scowled at the screen and flicked it off in my little form of vengeance, before deciding there was a much easier way to get Harry to come to our little rag-tag groups Thanksgiving other than fighting with him. "Y'know, there's going to be a ton of men here. And probably multiple strippers. Male ones."

"I do not believe a word you are saying. I have a meeting. And I'll come to your Thanksgiving. Be ready tonight around eight."

"Okay," I cheered, "See you later!"

The line went dead and it was only then that I realised I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about because I didn't remember making any plans before he dropped me off. But, it was Harry, and he'd probably have some event or take me to an insanely nice restaurant.

I will still on the floor of my room, legs propped up against the wall and hands under my head, when Jace entered. He was much too cheery for eight in the morning, and the only thing that kept me from screaming at him about the light was the fact that he was brandishing coffee.

"Up and at 'em," He yelped, kicking my legs off the wall, "we actually have to go to work today. We have, like, meetings and stuff."

"Or we could skip it and go to Paris?"

Jace cocked an eyebrow at me. "If I recall correctly, you spent half of yesterday complaining about how you were down to less than 100 bucks in your bank account, because of -- and this is a direct quote -- 'that baby-stopping pill thing'."

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