In The Mind Of the Enemy

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"Why haven't we found him yet!" She hollered from her seat on the throne.

"You highness we are doing the best we can find him, but it seems as if he has disappeared into thin air." The leader of the investigation informed his Princess through clenched teeth.

He was in love with her, and it angered him to see her in a rage looking for a stinking mutt that gave her a good time. It angered him that another man let alone wolf touched the woman he held so dear to him. He gave her a few hints in the past and still to this day she ignores his lust for her and she simply thinks he's just teasing her.

"Why are we looking for the mutt anyway?" He muttered under his breath.

"Because, he is the one I want, Arden. He will be my prince!" She huffed and crossed her arms and legs in determined stubbornness.

"Why, what did he do that I-no one here can do for you?" Arden asked full of frustration.

"Your lucky it is only the two of us in  here or else I would have you punished for talking to me in such a way." She threatened.

"Sabrina, you couldn't punish me if your life depended on it, and you know it." Arden smirked as he walked up to her and began to circle her on the throne.

"How dare you!" She nearly shouted following him with her eyes.

"You know I'm right," He came to a stop behind her. "Your the one that likes to be punished, you like to submissive while the man takes over, pleasuring you in way you can only imagine, you love to play the damsel in distress, and be swept away by the strong man" He spoke in her ear brushing his lips against the the shell as he reached both hands around her waist to firmly grip her breasts.

He could tell she was fighting back a moan as she tilted her head back against his shoulder.

"You are cruel to me, Arden." She groaned pushing her breasts further into his hands.

"You are the cruel one, chasing after another when I am here to do your bidding, How about we make a deal" Arden smirked against her neck, knowing he would win.

"What Kind of deal?" She asked exposing her neck further to him.

"I will give you three more days to find your mutt, and if my team cannot find him within the three days, you are to willingly give yourself over to me, mind, body, and soul, understood?" Arden asked as his left hand was now under the skirt of her dress massaging her lower lips.

"Deal" She whimpered, and with that he pulled away and left the throne room, leaving her aching for more. "Dammit"


"I have given you the answers you wanted, my love, now let me go!" Atesh was becoming frustrated with his our current situation but I knew that there would always be a secret kept from me, especially if it had anything to do with my safety.

"I love you, Atesh, I really do, but I've been starting to feel like I can't trust you." I told him as I sat on the couch in the living room across from him.

while he was asleep, I unshackled him from the bed and chained his ankle to a long chain that began in the bathroom.

"You mean you don't trust me because of what we're going through now, I took you away from danger, because, I have the slightest clue of what she would have done to you if she found us." He shouted.

"It's more than that!" I shouted back, "Do you realize that there is always a secret you are hiding from me, because you think I will be safer without such knowledge, How can I live with you let alone raise a child with you, knowing that there is always something about you that could possibly endanger our lives and I'll never know until the threat comes up." I stood up and turned away from him heading to the kitchen.

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