Chapter 24 ♥:

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Hiii, im active agaaain!! So I read the comments and some of you suggested that Leon and the reader should prank call Ishimaru, Byakuya, Fuyuhiko, and Souda-

Very wise suggestions lmao- you guys are great!

So here's the next chapter, without farther delay!


We eventually ordered pizza, and crawled back into our little fort.

Leon placed his half eaten slice onto a plate in front of him, wiping his hands and mouth with a napkin.

"Alright y/n.. it's prank call time~"

Leon said with a smirk as he slid his phone out of his pocket.

I rolled my eyes with a grin.

"Yeah, YOU call them. I don't want to get ten million text messages and calls combined saying that I'm in big trouble-"

Leon snorted.

"Babe, im the expert of prank calls~ I know how to avoid that~"

He began to dial a number.

"Who's that?"

I asked as he dialed, taking a bite from my piece of pizza.

"You know that hall monitor dude, what his name uh... Kiyotaka Ishimaru! Yeah! He gave me a detention once for running to class because I was late! Still pissed at that.."

Leon grunted, pressing the 'DIAL' button on his phone. He then put it on speaker.

"I was so confused. Like, did he want me to go to class or not? Dickhead."

Leon made a 'pfft' noise, then someone picked up.

"Oh shit, oh shit-"

Leon mouthed with a wide smile.

"Hello? Kiyotaka Ishimaru speaking!"

Taka began.

Leon cleared his throat.

Oh boy.

"Yes hello, do you have badly shaped eyebrows?~"

He asked in another voice. Like those commercial voices.

I shook my head.

Ishimaru took a couple seconds before answering.

"... No. May I ask whom is calling?"

Leon smiled.

"Well that's a fuckin' lie, cause the way they look right now don't look fine to me."

Ishimaru did a little gasp.

"I will have you know that being insubordinate over the phone and SPYING on me is illegal!"

"Insubordinate my ass."

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