The Knight

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The next few days were quiet. Too quiet. Jestro was too quiet. Jestros' eighth birthday did not go as everyone pictured. The past ones were always fun, loud and happy. This year, it was just quiet, dull and depressing. Jestro did not smile like he usually did. When Flama and Moltor put the chocolate mud cake that they made in front of him, he just blew out the candles without any excitement in his eyes. The only times he spoke were when he would say thank you or when he asked for something. Whiparella made a new and bigger set of clothes for him to grow into that were similar to his old ones, but he barely reacted to it. He just thanked Whiparella and wore it for the next few days. Jestro had been doing everything he could to stay away from Monstrox. After what happened, the boy could not even look at the necromancer without going pale and wide eyed. Roberto had been trying to avoid the gang as well; noticing that they have been giving him rather strange and irritated looks and stares.

One morning after breakfast, everyone was in the living room; trying to relax and do their own little things. Lavaria was polishing her two favourite knives, Moltor was polishing his favourite brass knuckles, Flama, Book keeper, Beast Master and Burnzie and Sparkks were playing a game of poker and Magmar was fixing up his ponytail. Whiparella held Jestros' old hood in her hands. She looked over to a corner of the room to see Jestro sitting on the floor with Muffin and Poopsie. The two dogs were sleeping while Jestro was just looking down at the floor. Whiparella looked back at the hood in her hands and sighed. The whip wielder got up out of her seat and made her way over to Jestro. Everyone noticed and watched as she kneeled down in front of his.

"Jestro, dear?" She spoke gently to him.

Jestro did not look up at her.

"Are you feeling alright today?" She asked.

Jestro still did not look up. But he slowly shook his head. Whiparella frowned a little before speaking again.

"Lavaria and I were going to town this afternoon to get supplies." She smiled a bit as she spoke. "Do you want to come?"

Jestro looked up at Whiparella; blinking at her with tired eyes. He thought about it for a moment before nodding a yes.


That afternoon, Lavaria and Whiparella took Jestro out for the afternoon to cheer him up. When they got to the town market, Lavaria bought some food to bring back. She did not want to steal in front of Jestro; already having Monstrox being a bad influence on him. Whiparella got some sewing supplies and she even brought some candy for Jestro. When they finished getting what they needed, they met up near the entrance of the market. Jestro noticed that a lot of people were appearing.

"Did you have fun, Jestro?" Lavaria asked; giving him two bags of groceries light enough for him to carry.

Jestro just nodded with a blank face. Whiparella sighed quietly. She hopped that an afternoon out of the castle would cheer him up. But perhaps it would take more time.

"Come on. Let's get back." Lavaria spoke gently to her peers.

Lavaria, Whiparella and Jestro began making their way out of time. But the people were crowding around then; making it hard to go forward. Jestro tried to stay close to his carers, but the people around him were getting in his way and blocking his view. The boy started breathing heavily when he lost sight of Lavaria and Whiparella; only seeing strangers. Jestro ran another way as he started panicking; trying to get to a less crowded place. Jestro made it out of the crowd, but he fell over his own leg and tripped. With a squeak, he dropped the two bags of food and fell to the dirt. With a quiet moan, he lifted himself up to his knees and rubbed his eyes. He opened them again to see Lavarias' supplies lying on the ground.

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