~Jon | The Deserter~

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The cold air blew through the spaces between the long dew covered grass creating a chilly air throughout the North. Slight frost blanketed the floor of every surface making areas slippery and unsafe. Ladies changed their attire to pretty thick gowns that were lined with pelts and lords added another layer of leather and furs, preparing for the long nights to come.

Somewhere in a barren field of the North a deserter from the Night's Watch awaited his fate of beheading. Jon and his lord father rode for the man with Ned being less enthusiastic than ever before. Jon rode between his half brothers, Robb and Brandon, and conversed amongst each other. Jon pretended to not see as Bran wrung his fingers nervously just so he could spare the little boy's embarrassment. The bastard could tell the young lord's mind was racing with thoughts of having to witness his very first death. The boy seemed excited yet terrified as he watched straight ahead and offered little conversation. Jon's mind raced with thoughts of a different person. A person who's raven black hair cascaded down her back and who's eyes were swollen with tears just the other night.

Rayne woke up screaming, a scene that often took place at night many years ago, but had since dwindled down to a rarity. The dream had Rayne racing through the halls of Winterfell and all the way to the bastard's chambers where she knocked frantically. Jon wasn't fully asleep, but the loudness startled him nonetheless and animated him to rush to the door.

When he opened it, Rayne immediately sighed in relief and hugged him with all that she had in her. Her face buried into his chest and inhaling his sweet and savory scent. Jon held onto her with his skinny arms and closed his chamber door before fully embracing her. Tears ran down her face and it compelled him to run his hands through her soft hair that she wore down at night.

As a sob passed through her lips, he consoled and hushed her, "Shh, what's wrong my lady?"

Rayne continued to sob for another minute or so before pulling away and wiping her eyes. She soon turned away completely and covered her face with her hands, feeling absolutely embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry, Jon. I had a horrible dream and I am so terrible sorry for waking you and forcing you to see me like this." she apologized profusely, still not turning to face him.

A chuckle passed his lips before he walked forward and put a hand in her shoulder, turning her around with her fingers still covering her face. Jon's huge hands wrapped around her small wrists and pulled her hands away slowly. When her eyes met his, a part of his heart fell deep into the pit of his stomach. Having her stand in front of him with her eyes so red made him break a little. He never wanted to see the girl he loved so hurt.

"Don't cover your face and tell me what happened, please. Did someone harm you?" Jon felt himself getting slightly infuriated at the thought.

"No one but myself hurt me and I look absolutely hideous right now." her attempts to cover her face again failed miserably since he kept his strong grip on her.

A small smile found its way to his lips after she voiced her insecurity. "And yet you are still so beautiful."

Rayne's eyes shot up from the floor to look into Jon's dark ones. He admired every inch of her face and became so transfixed on her that he didn't notice how close they really were. Their bodies were ever so slightly pressed together, but it felt as though the longest distance separated them. Rayne's eyes wandered over Jon's face to his body, and it was then that she realised he wasn't wearing a shirt. Instead of being anxious she felt somewhat relieved at how vulnerable he was to her in this moment.

Jon had gone without a shirt many of times but never had they been this close when he did. Jon unknowingly released her wrists and she put her hands on his shoulders before running her right hand down his chest slightly and back up to the bottom of his neck. Her eyes followed her hands and Jon felt himself getting slightly aroused at the feeling. Finally, each of their wandering eyes met again before they both leaned in slightly.

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