27. The Taste of Him

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Chapter 27—The Taste of Him


"Oh!" I sucked in a startled breath as I found myself straddling his lap on the wide seat, my hands pressed flat against his bare chest for support.

Skin against skin.

Tingles ran from my fingertips straight to my core, making me squirm. He groaned in appreciation and tightened his hold, one large hand gripping my hip, the other wrapped around the nape of my neck. Swirling violet and cerulean orbs stared up at me. Deep. Darkening.

Under his intense stare and scrutiny, I felt incredibly alive.

I was entranced, caught in the raw intensity of his gaze. The invisible force that drew us together, tugged at my defenses, threatening to break down my walls and demolish my resistance. It was kinetic. Glorious and warm. It flexed, pulling us closer, refusing to be denied. A pulse of truth rippled through our connection—this beautiful male belonged to me. He was mine.

For this moment, I was okay with that. I welcomed it. I embraced it. I didn't want to think about tomorrow—whether or not I could keep him. Right now, I just wanted to be with him. To touch and be touched. To soak up all of the love and joy the bond had to offer.

"So damn beautiful," his deep voice was thick and full of conviction. Soft city lights, muted by the vehicle's tinted glass windows, cast a heavenly glow along the hard planes of his cheek. Wonder and awe radiated in his expression, warming my insides. He made me feel as if I was the only woman in the world. My breath hitched. He wasn't holding back. His heartfelt sincerity was laid bare, transparent in his heated gaze.

A pleasurable flush rose up my spine, warming my neck and face. Embarrassed by the visible pink on my cheeks, I leaned forward, and tucked my head in the crook of his neck.

"Don't hide from me." Clever fingers stroked the soft skin on the back of my neck.

I didn't move. From this position, his scent was overwhelming. I pressed my nose closer and breathed deeply. It was intoxicating. Hickory and vanilla, combined with fine European leather, permeated my senses, bathing me in their addictive allure. He smelled positively delicious. Good enough to eat.

The gears of my mind churned. I'd seen everything he had to offer. The memory of him standing naked before me—willingly subjecting himself to my visual inspection—caused arousal to skitter down my spine. What would his velvety goodness feel like...taste like...on my tongue? I wanted to know. Provided of course, I could get my lips around his thick girth. My mouth watered. Images of tasting him caused my pelvic muscles to clench in anticipation and excitement.

Interrupting my internal fantasy, his voice resonated with dominance, "Kiss me." Not waiting for me to comply, he tightened his grip on my nape, and pulled my head away from his chest just enough for his lips to find mine.

The contact brought an instant explosion of primal savagery...




A surge of Nature...

Demanding we complete the mating process Leander began with his bite to my neck—intense, violent need in the pit of my stomach. Pleasure ignited my blood, spreading heat throughout my entire body. Growls percussed from Leander's chest. He forced my mouth open with his tongue, and plunged inside, delivering his delicious flavor with a tantalizing stroke.

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