4: William wears that green sweater with holes in it

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"This is ridiculous!" William expressed to Alice. She's giving William the 'Don't test me' look. William sighs. He doesn't want to wear this sweater, it's only 43 degrees outside, it's perfectly fine for him!

"I can't believe you only brought one sweater, and it has holes in it!" She exclaims looking through William's closet, William right behind her, praying that she won't find the make up he brought just in case his face breaks out.

"Mom! Me and Bill are going to be late!" Sisky yells coming into the room, coat and backpack with him.

Alice Siska crosses her arms, "Adam Thaddeus Siska!" She exclaimed, and Sisky groans at the mention of his middle name. "You better make sure you don't leave him out in the cold again," She says.

"I can take care of myself Mrs.Siska" William sighs. She shakes her head and walks out of the room, Sisky looks at William. "What?" William asks, "Hurry up, we're going to be late!"


"As I was saying, Jimi Hendrix would often tour with european bands, despite the fact being American... Does anybody know why?" Mr.Hoppus asks, and gets a whole lot of silence from the class. He looks at Gabe, who's doodling in his notebook.

"Gabriel, do you know why Mr. Hendrix toured with european bands instead of american?" Mr.Hoppus asks, diverting his attention to the one student. Gabe looks up at Mr.Hoppus and then back at his notebook. William - sitting next to Gabe - could honestly care less about this class.

"Nobody in the states appreciated Jimi Hendrix's music, but in england the rock and synth age was already there." Gabe said, drawing a cobra on the piece of paper he was writing notes on.

Mr.Hoppus smiles, "Good job Gabe." He looks back up to the class, "For the rest of class you guys can just do your own thing. You seniors are lazy and everyone decides to turn in papers late, if you need help with anything just ask." He sighed and walked to his desk, used to being ignored.

"So... William, first off: thank you for the hoodie back." Gabe says to William, William is looking at himself in his phone's camera. "Second, do you have any plans tonight?" Gabe asks, hopeful. William looks over to him, then averts his eyes back to his screen.

William brushes his hair with his hands, "Why?" he asks.

"My band is going to have a show." Gabe said.

William looked at Gabe, "You have a band?" William asks, "You - Gabe the deli worker - has a band?" William repeats.

Gabe smiles, "It's called midtown. You should come, Angel." Gabe says, and William's neck and cheeks grow warm.

"Whatever," William shrugs, and Gabe looks at him longingly, "Stop looking at me!" William snaps to Gabe. William just turns his head back towards his desk, and Gabe chuckles. William frowns as he looks at his spanish paper, "Hey gabe?" William asks. He looks back towards Gabe, only to find him already staring.

"Yeah?" Gabe asks, his knuckles supporting his face, elbow on his desk, peering over the paper.

"Do you know Spanish?" William asks quietly, Gabe takes William's paper.

"All of this is wrong," Gabe tsks at the boy next to him.

"Cariño, what does querio mean?" Gabe asks William.

William shrugs,"I don't know."

"You don't know," Gabe mocks him, "Querio has two meanings: one is to love and the other is to want." Gabe explains. William nods, like he's finally getting it.

"William what does this say?" Gabe asks, pointing to a question.

William reads it aloud, "Llevo torta."

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