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Sorry for the long wait on the updates. My schedule has been really hectic lately. I do intend on updating tomorrow.

Just to let you all know ahead of time, I am considering going private on Wattpad. I'm not sire yet but as most of you may know you'd have to follow me to read my books. I'm not saying to follow me now. But if you going to or you already have I will be even more Humble than I already am now.

I want to say thank you for the 7.23k reads on book 1 and the 1.8k on this book, book 2.

I have come a long way than how many reads book 1 did a few months ago.

Don't worry I've gotten and checked all the messages you guys have sent and I will continue to consider the alternative. Because I know some of you did not like how Lahlani went into labor at her Baby shower. I know many of you had and have ideas on how you thought true chapter should've went. And if you have an idea to just leave a comment or message me the ideas that you have they all open for consideration for those of you that didn't like or feel that the chapter should've went that way.

NOTE: That I am not going to change the original chapter but I will create another chapter that will be Titled, Alternative. Because I know some reader liked and were okay with the original chapter.

Again I want to thank you for reading my book and continuing on to book 2.


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