Stage One

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"Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the beast

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"Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the beast. Is she sleep?" Peaking around I make sure no one had walked up to the bar.

"Yeah she was out before you finished. When are you gonna be back today?" My mom questions in a whisper tone. The sound of a door closing tell me she's walked out of gabby room.

"Probably around three...he asked me to stay for some party that's coming in. His exact words were he needs all his top stars on board tonight no excuses." Rolling my eyes I sigh looking at the time. Just going on eleven.

"Why don't you just quit this so called job and use the time to go to school or get a different one? You have more to you than your body Tammy to use you are a very smart young woman."

This discussion has become a daily thing. I use to get so upset but she's my mom and just looking out for me.

"I know mama but I need this money so me and gabby can live comfortably."

"I don't like this job why not just put that no good boss of yours on child support like I said when gabby was born then get a new job."

"Mom you know he wants nothing to do with her and I'm not gonna force him. If he doesn't want to help raise the child he had part in creating then so be it. I don't need him and I'm not gonna rely on him for anything."

"You already do tam by working for him."

Damn it...she's got me. But I still stand my making my own money instead going through that whole process with child support. I don't need someone to tell me how much I need to take care of my child putting a limit on both our lives.

"I'll think about it mom but I gotta go."

"I know you won't...I'm just looking out for my girls. I'll see you when you get home."

The next few hours I was making drinks left and right delivering bottles to tables. Guys buy me shots to take with them gets me a little lit. The music gets me even more turnt and got me dancing.

"Dream the party in back needs more bottles! Gabe is back there to."

Picking up the bottle I carry the trey to the further part of the club. On the way bills are flying everywhere. My girls on the stages were killin it! I spot my best friend doing her signature move making bills rain down on her.

"Bitch you better work!"

Reaching the back after pushing through the shimmery streamers and winking at my favorite body guard here Pat. He's the sweetest like a big brother to all the girls here. He's nothing like the other douche bags that work.

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