Poem: Consumed in Darkness

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Consumed in Darkness

She focused on the world before her.

Capturing every inch of beauty left within.

Above, an overhanging vista.

The hues were bending in complete complexity.

A streak of crimson

Harmonizing in the pitch of black.

The ever-growing yellow core being forgotten.

What she once sought

Was now clouded in the gray streaks.

Leaving the dancing tails of teasing fire

A fair memory.

Her hopeless eyes searching every inch

But no sense of color to soothe out the contrast.

The smudge was ever so evident in the night sky.

Darkening the trail of dazzling effluence left inside of her.

Under, a sanctuary lost within the pits of obscurity

Created with the brimming tears,

A vast expansion of heartless desires.

The crashing of each wave

Sculpting new curves within her.

A surging green hidden within the lurking shadows

Overwhelming her with a sense of trouble.

As her emotions wash over the shore,

They petrify her with nothing but fear.

Inside and outside, a world consumed with darkness.

Her soul thought to be the only weapon.

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