Chapter two: I'll hit you faster than you can blink.

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I sighed and leaned against it as I pulled up my schedule again.

Schedule - s/y 2017-2018 - Noah Carson/11

Period 1: English 12 / Mr. Grace / Rm. 220
Period 2: History 11 / Ms. Coreia/ Rm. 227
Period 3: Biology 11 / Mrs. Han/ Rm. 312
Period 4: Creative arts / Mr. Woods/ Rm. 118
Period 5: Lunch / Cafeteria
Period 6: Study hall / Mr. Quint / Rm. 114
Period 7: Calculus / Mrs. Murphy / Rm. 216

"Simple enough." I muttered and slammed the locker shut. Instantly I was met by a girl standing right there. I jumped and clutched my chest. "Holy hell you scared me."

She snorted, "Holy hell. It's contradicting itself." She then realized she scared me and jumped. "Oh my god are you okay? I'm so sorry! I was just going to introduce myself and try to..make a friend. Wow I sound lame. Sorry." She said and turned to walk away.

"Wait!" I said and she stopped and turned around, hiding a grin. "I'm Noah."

"Rhiannon. I'm a sophomore but I take all junior and senior classes." She shrugged and I nodded.

"Damn you're smart." I muttered.

"I suppose I am." She laughed lightly, "I don't have many friends around here. Sophomores think I'm weird and no junior or senior wants to be friends with a loser. Especially not a loser who fell victim to the notorious Gavin Francha."

"Who?" I cocked an eyebrow and she turned me around and pointed out the captain of the football team. " just be Blake's little sister."

"How'd you know? You know him?" She asked in confusion.

"No I just- I saw him sort of..beat the shit out of him at the diner yesterday for hurting you..." I said awkwardly and she nodded with a sigh.

"I knew I shouldn't have said anything to him." She shook her head completely distraught. "He's scary. I should have known he would have reacted this way."

"Is he mean?" I asked and she made a weird face then nodded yea.

"Yes..the girls love him, and he loves them, but let's just say...he's dangerous. I mean- he acts completely different to me but I'm not blind. People are scared of him. And his friends Damien and Asher. Asher's the scariest. I don't think that he's ever even spoken to anyone besides Damien and Blake. I get the chills every time he's near me and I get freaked out when he stays over our house." She said. "It's practically impossible for me to, but I highly recommend you stay far, far away from them."

I nodded, "I'll keep that in mind."

"So, what's your schedule?" She asked curiously. I pulled it up on my phone and she instantly grew excited. "Yes! We have everything together!"

Thank god.

The warning bell rang and I grumbled, it reminded me of my alarm clock. "Come on, we're going to be late for English."

I followed her down the hall into a full classroom. I already knew I had no classes with my sisters, but their new friends were in here.

"You must be Noah. Tyler and Cameron's sister." The red head from yesterday approached us and Rhiannon stiffened. "I'm Farrah. Farrah Valentine. This is Jocelin, and Ariana." She motioned to the girl besides her who stood eying me up and down.

"Nice to meet you." I smiled awkwardly and gave her a curt wave.

"You're welcome to sit with us instead of this...cotton picker." She smirked and Rhiannon whimpered.

"I'm sorry- what did you just call her?" I growled angrily.

"Drop it, Noah." She begged me.

"No. You're seriously going to let her get away with saying this?" I asked incredulously and she looked down.

"Girls. Take this outside." The teacher asked with a sigh. She smirked and walked into the hall. I followed her and was preparing to fight.

"Please tell me that you're just kidding and that you're not this racist."

"I'm not racism." She scoffed then pointed at her two friends.

"Just because you have Asian and African American friends doesn't mean you're not racist." I stated firmly and Tianna shrugged.

"I'm black, I'm not affected by it."  

My mouth gaped, "You're kidding me. There is seriously something wrong with you three."

"Well I mean, I can't blame her she is kind of a ni-"

"Finish that sentence and I'll hit you faster than you can blink." I glared at Jocelin.

"Noah please." Rhiannon grew more and more worried as she tugged on my arm. "Now."

"No! I can't believe you're going to let them get away with this, Rhiannon!" I found myself yelling.

"Get away with what?" A deep voice questioned and our heads snapped to the side revealing Blake.

"This fucking twat right here called her a-" Rhiannon slapped a hand over my mouth and gave me a pleading look. I let out a shaky breath. I was fired up. "Nothing. Come on, Rhiannon."

I glared at the girls making them jump back a bit before turning heels and walking into the classroom.

"Welcome back, mind introducing yourself?" Mr. Grace asked with a bright smile.

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