Chapter 5 - Memories (Hotel!)

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***** "This is Transport Alpha; we are prepared for landing," our pilot radioed to the temporary ground controls of the Taoyuan TOB (Temporary Operating Base) after a quick half-an-hour ride from Taipei.

"Negative, Transport Alpha, we do not have any open space for you guys to land; please wait."

"Bullshit, I just saw another transport land!" Alex complained.

"I told you, the ground crews are from the South; they hate us," Joseph replied.

"Give me the damn Comms!" I growled. "This is Transport Alpha, listen up you god damn traffic controller; if this transport doesn't land right now, I will personally have you court-martialed."

"Hahaha, as who?" the traffic controller sneered.

"As the commander of the Capital Army," I replied coldly. There was silence for a while and another man's voice came through.

"Ah, Mr. Lee, right? I'm very sorry, that was one of our rookies. He was unable to realize that this transport holds the commanders of the Capital Army, he will be punished severely. Please land on platform 1-01."

"Thank you very much," I answered as our Skyhawk swooped down onto the landing pad.

"That worked out pretty well," Atlas exclaimed.

"I sense an edge and resentment in his voice though," Florence murmured.

"I guess we're not welcomed here huh?" Lindsey sighed. Unlike the Northern Forces, the Southern Forces do not rely on magic but on technology. They focus on advance pulse lasers to be used as weapons while our scientists research how to change magic into weaponry. The Northern Forces, also known as the Northern Capital Army, focused on raising kids that were put into sleeping pods, who were compatible with magic. The Southern Forces, known as the Southern United Forces, focused on building a normal army containing adults. They've always disagreed on the use of child soldiers, but they've recently explored the realm of child soldiers while we've started training special anti-unknown units containing adults. From history lessons I learned in class, it seems that the Southern Forces broke off from the Northern Forces when the original government fell apart. The two sides are usually on good terms, as the Unknowns are a common enemy. However, both sides harbor grudges on economic and territory disputes and have constant rivalries between their militaries.

"Sir, we have landed," the pilot reported.

"Thanks," I said to the pilot. Heading back to the transport's troop bay, I shouted to my friends, "We're good, let's get moving!"

The transport loadmaster quickly lowered the bay door and allowed us to exit the craft. Outside, the base was filled with temporary landing platforms and was bustling with people from both states.

"All Capital Child Soldiers, please check-into the buildings left of the landing pads," the announcement speakers blasted.

"That was intentional......" Alex muttered.

"Geez..." Emilia grumbled.

"By the way, where are we staying?" Joseph asked.

"Supervisor Suzuki and Hulkenberg did book us rooms at a hotel, but I think the others would probably have to stay in those old buildings......" I muttered. We took our belongings and got onto a bus that drove us to the Capital Hotel, a chain hotel brand that had at least one hotel located in each city.

"Supervisor Suzuki and Supervisor Hulkenburg had booked rooms for the twelve of us," I told the lady at the counter.

"Of course, the keys are here," the attendant explained.

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