'A Good Girls Revenge'

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'A Good Girls Revenge'

Romance,Teen Fiction    PG-13

Can Millie keep from strangling the sarcastic hot jerk James? Maybe, but i doubt it Can Millie keep a secret once she stumbles on it? Possible Can Millie fall in love? Hell yes she can but she won’t ever admit it! Millie takes after her mother in a lot of ways, but one the other hand Millie really look like the good and all that is innocent, well that’s what James though to, but that was his first mistake, the second was attempting to threaten her, the third was under minding her, but his fourth and biggest mistake? Well that was scratching her car. Better look out James, this good girl is out for revenge.


What a like most about this story is that you don't need to read the first book to know the story, you can't start anywhere really.Click the dedication link, and i swear if your not interested in the description,give it a try anyway it way better than it seems :DD

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