Chapter 12 What's for Dinner?

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"Have you started your boy's training yet," Ajax had asked me after we concluded our business call the other day.

I lay back with Finn draped across my chest.  His soft fingers exploring the dips and curves of my muscles in a seemingly fascinated way while I pondered my conversation with AJ.  I told him I was taking things very slowly, due to his age and inexperience, but he gave me a bit of a hard time, telling me that it was better to get straight to it that it would be confusing Finn otherwise.  I didn't quite see it that way, or maybe I didn't want to, but his message did get across.  I could either have Finn as a boyfriend or a submissive and I just didn't do boyfriends.  I'd never had a classic boyfriend-boyfriend relationship; it just wasn't me. 

For the last three days I had been introducing more structure to his day.  We would be on this ship for almost three weeks and I knew he needed it.  He needed an outlet for his youthful energy and he needed consistency to be able to follow rules.

His schedule was up by 7:00am, I would make us each a small protein shake then at 7:30am we would go to the gym.  On alternating days he would either do an intense cardio workout which included a lot of running followed by stretching.  The other day he focused on light weight training and other more static exercises.  I didn't want him to bulk up, but he could use a little more muscle as he was pretty thin when I first found him.  We worked out for about 2 hours and then went back to the rooms for a shower and a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast I usually had a couple of hours work to do in my office and he was free to either swim in the pool, draw, practice piano, read or whatever he wanted.  I hadn't given him internet access, but if he asked he could check his email once a day on my computer, for which I was always present.  So far he hadn't had any emails from his mother and only one short one from his friend in Texas asking why he was never on Facebook any more.  He sent him a quick note back telling him that he moved and didn't have internet access that often.  I asked him not to give any further details and he didn't question it at all.

He was instructed to be back in the living room by 12:30pm as that was typically when I took my break from the office.  By then I was missing him after 2 or 3 hours of business drudgery and I needed to unwind in a way only my pet could help me do.  I had been working with him to perfect his technique when he sucked me off and he was a quick learner.  My baby's mouth knew just what drove me over the cliff.  He was getting better and better at deep throating and controlling his gag reflex as well as controlling himself. 

In the last three days he had not cum once while going down on me like he had that first day.  He was always rock hard and needy after and I would either have him jack off while I watched, pushing him a little further each day before I allowed him to come, or when I was feeling particularly generous I would go down on him and suck the core right out of him.

Lunch was served at 1:30pm and then we would go for a walk around the decks to help our meal digest.  Sometimes I would help him on the piano as he regained his skill or sometimes I even let him teach me a game on his computer.   If his behaviour continued to be as good as it has been I would buy him one of the latest game consoles when we got to Miami.

I would spend another one or two hours working after our afternoon time and then we would have dinner at 7:00pm.  The evenings were pretty relaxed; a movie, a game of chess, (which he was picking up way too quickly), a card game or we would just relax on the couch and read together.

We went to bed at 10:00pm and I would take another opportunity to ravage my boy's body in one way or another, though I had yet to take his virginity.

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