Chapter 3 - Practice? More Like Patrolling...

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***** "So, do we have practice this afternoon?" I asked as I sipped on my drink.

"Yeah, it starts right after school," Andre replied.

"Aw, another one? I'm so tired........." Daniel groaned.

"You aren't gonna skip practice, are you?" I said.

"Look at who's talking huh?"Andre scolded.

"Sigh, you guys..." Max grumbled.

"But it's gonna be sea practice," Daniel wailed.

"We had land training for the past four weeks already," I objected. "Time for something new."

The four of us, allocated to Company Alpha, were having a quick snack and drink at the Paragon Lounge, dedicated to only the top ten students of each department. Company Alpha, one of the fourteen two-hundred-men companies in the school, is currently on border patrol duties and sea training. All fourteen companies revolve around a set of practices that last for around two weeks. After that, the companies will rotate and work on another set. For example, Company Alpha was taking guerrilla warfare training for the last two weeks and will be starting underwater maneuvers while taking on border patrol duties.

"Can't we just do it in the pool?" Daniel whined.

"We have patrol duties too," Max replied.

"On the bright side, at least we're rotating practice and patrolling," Andre said.

"Are we leading practice?" I asked Max.


"Great, then I'm skipping this one."

"Oh no you aren't," a voice growled as a hand from behind landed firmly on my shoulder.

"Is that who I think that is?" I asked slowly. Andre nodded. "I changed my mind, I'm going, SIR..."

The grip relaxed and the man replied, "That's the answer I wanted. See you guys at three o'clock sharp."

As the man walked away, I complained to my friends, "He gets on my nerves."

"Of course he does, you lazy idiot," Max scolded. "Supervisor Kim is one of the most hardcore trainers in our grade!"

"Mhm, you're not gonna escape this time; he's got spec-ops group on standby," Andre chirped in.

"Who?" I asked.

"Anti-Magic User Units," Andre sighed.

"Well, I guess I'm gonna have to tough it out," I grumbled, slouching down on a sofa.

"That's the spirit!" Max chuckled.

"Can't someone replace me?" Daniel wailed, seemingly determined to skip practice.

"We're the only ones who have late-practice, no one else is available," Max answered. While the Capital State wants us to still be able to learn, one of our main jobs is to fight the Unknowns. This means that school days are usually divided into class-time and practice-time. Classes go from eight in the morning to twelve, while practice usually goes from one-thirty to five in the afternoon. However, late practices can occur in order to train for night battles and are pre-scheduled in order for students to be able to plan out their week.

"You guys, it's almost time for practice!" a girl interrupted the four of us. I quickly turned around to see who was talking.


 Karen Chan, another member of Company Alpha, is one of the best girls in our school, both in academics and fighting skills; well, we shouldn't forget about her looks and body, which are both on point. Although not the best at a certain area, she can be said to be on par with Alice, but with more abilities, a complete jack-of-all-trades. I would've put her in Command, but her fighting skills are too precious to just throw away. The energetic girl is so pretty that she even has a fanbase and does modeling shots during her spare time, earning her the nickname "Athena". To be honest, I'm surprised that she wasn't included in the original members of the Alpha Squad, probably because she declined the offer.

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