Chapter 2 - Choose Your Duty

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***** "Dude, what course are you choosing?" a short teenager asked as he slapped me on the back.

"Alex!" I exclaimed.

"So? What are you going to choose?" he questioned.

"I don't know, probably the Navy. You?" I replied.

"What do you think, obviously it's the scouts with the ground forces! I ain't going with the air force nor the navy, having both feet on the ground is the best."

"Oh well, I wouldn't want to fly on wand flyers or just with magic.........." I muttered.

"I wouldn't want to attack from the sea on ships or underwater," Alexander chuckled. "But I guess you're destined to lead the Navy."

"Well Administrative wants us to split up to take the lead in each part," another student sighed as he walked towards us and added, "Commands nice too you know..."

"Daniel... You should just take up your responsibility as a leading member of the Army," I scolded. The young teenager, whose height is comparable to Alexander's, is our school's brightest student in the field of close-range fighting on land. Alex, although not the best, still possess immense skills in close-quarters fighting, putting him in pretty much second, just behind Daniel. It had been three years since we, children under eighteen years old, were woken up from our deep-sleep pods. The surprise invasion of the Unknowns forced governments around the world to relocate its minor population in deep-sleep stations around the world to avoid an extinction of a species. Three years ago, we were roused from our pods and were told that the war had became a stalemate. However, with humanity's population decimated, children above the age eleven were sent off to military schools to fight against the Unknowns. Taiwan's government seemed to have collapsed, and multiple states replaced its former government. The adults told us that countries around the world have collapsed and that we were one of the more fortunate ones, as a new government was created instead of being thrown into chaos and war. Being hibernated in Taipei, we now belonged to the Capital State and act as soldiers while taking classes at the Capital Military Academy.

"Why do we have to rely on magic?" I sighed as the three of us walked into the command center. Magic, a power that was discovered when the Capital awoke us. It seems that only children had the ability to employ magic, and were thus prized in the Capital Army. By exporting an energy source inside our bodies called mana, the energy flow is able to turn into a raw form of magic. Studies focused on magic conversion showed massive results when weapons and body enhancement equipment were produced that were powered using magic. The Capital State invented a transformation chip implanted on our back to convert raw magic into the usable magic that could be applied and powered weapons and other products. The Capital Military Academy, a school that facilitated the training of its students both militarily and academically, was created to help teach children with magic capabilities.

"You guys are late," Alice, a girl known for being able to handle pretty much all sorts of combat scenarios, scolded us. By the time the three of us walked in, the other members of the meeting were already seated in their chairs around a large table.

"Alice, give them some slack," Emilia defended. Emilia Hsu, a Command student that specializes in coordinating attacks, is known for her soothing voice and collectiveness on the Comm-link and has a special magic spell that can calm people down when they're in a panic, earning her the nickname "Angel."

"Humph," Alice grumbled.

"Sorry," Daniel squeaked.

"We know, we know, anyone care to explain why we're all here?" I asked, quickly finding an open spot at the table to sit down.

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