Chapter 1 - Wake Up

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***** "Deep-Sleep Pod 200001 is deactivating."

"Bring that subject out of it."

Noises started to stir in my ears that soon turned into voices. Before long, I could hear the content of their conversation even when my brain still felt sluggish.

Where am I? I wondered as I felt my body being lifted out of the pod.

"Get him ready for basic tests, he should still be unconscious and recovering from deep sleep."

"Um... I'm awake you know?" I croaked with all my strength. My throat felt like a desert and my jaws ached terribly.

"Wait, how could he be awake already?"

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that there were a few people wearing white coats pushing the cart.

"Sir, we've got a few more people that are behaving like him."

"Get these subjects together, we're going to perform some tests on them," the person who seemed to be in charge ordered. Tests? Why am I like this? Who are these people? Thoughts raced through my mind, but no words came out of my mouth as I was wheeled into a room with several other people. I slowly turned my head in agony, as my joints felt rusted, and saw another bewildered person lying on a bed.

"Wait a sec, Daniel is that you?" I exclaimed. The person turned his head slowly, looked at me, and managed a painful smile.

"Do you know what's happening?" I whispered.

"No idea, I'm still a bit drowsy......" Daniel groaned. I sighed as I turned my head back and relaxed, trying hard to not think too much about it. Soon, the room was filled with about two dozen people, all bewildered and confused about their surroundings and situation.

"Do you think these people are the ones?" a man asked his colleague.

"If they are, then we've really hit the jackpot. We might even be able to turn the tide of the war!" his colleague exclaimed, trying to contain his excitement.

Before long, the men in white coats started to attach and strap some devices onto us and quickly hustled out of the room.

"What the hell?" I muttered just as the lights in the room went out. The devices strapped onto our bodies hummed for a while as they performed their duties and soon halted. The lights came back on, and the men again filed in to remove those things. The room was chilly, and with only a pair of underpants on, I was shivering in pain. A man soon came up to me, but instead of putting something warm on me to keep me from dying, he took out a syringe and roughly jabbed the needle into my left arm.

"You asshole..." I moaned in pain as I fell into a deep sleep. And that was the last thing I remembered about those special tests.

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