Light the Sky

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A/N: This is for day one of OQ Prompt Party week on Twitter/Tumblr, based on prompt 79


"and yeah, i think we were born to shine
'cause the stars are dull when they're compared to you and i"


May 19, 2017, 3:30pm

The kids of Storybrooke High were all excitedly discussing the solar eclipse and their plans for that day. It was still over three months away, but they had just received special glasses and information about the eclipse, and it was Friday, so everyone was full of excitement.

The eclipse would take place in August, but it was before school started up again. So during whatever science class they were enrolled in, the students talked about the upcoming eclipse. Henry had been in chemistry, and he was very excited for the eclipse. And, as an added bonus, they didn't have to do any actual chemistry work that day.

Henry followed the rush of kids onto the bus and sat in his usual seat in the back, next to Violet. She was talking with Grace, who was in the seat in front of her, about the eclipse.

Everyone was talking about the eclipse.

May 19, 2017, 6:15pm

"So what did you two learn in school today?" Robin asked as Henry and Roland dug into their supper.

"A solar...icle...ecli..." Roland was struggling to remember the correct word.

"Eclipse," Henry finished for his step-brother. "The solar eclipse that's going to happen in August. We won't be back in school when it happens, so they gave us all glasses today."

"Eclipse?" Robin looked at Regina for help.

"It's when the moon lines up perfectly between the earth and the sun, and it blocks some or all of our view of the sun," Regina explained. "If you look directly at it, you will probably suffer permanent eye damage or blindness, which I'm assuming is why they gave you two glasses?" Regina looked at Henry, who nodded.

"If you put the glasses on, you can look at the eclipse without suffering any eye-related injuries."

"These glasses..." Robin hesitated, "Are they safe?"

Henry shrugged, "I'm pretty sure they're NASA-issued, so they should be."

Robin didn't know what NASA was, but he pretended that made him feel better.

"You can get glasses too, Papa!" Roland informed him. "My teacher said that you can get them at the school in August."

May 19, 2017, 9:45pm

"So do ecle... whatever, do they happen here very often?" Robin asked Regina.

"Eclipses," Regina said, "and no. The last one that crossed the entire United States was almost a century ago, and I'm sure the next one that crosses the entire country won't be for a very long time. That's why NASA makes glasses instead of having everyone sit inside like it's the apocalypse - it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people."

"And these NASA people... do they know what they're doing?"

"Well, they've landed people on the moon, so I would hope so."

Robin's eyes widened, "You're telling me there have been people on the moon in this realm?"

Regina nodded, "Of course, it was back while we were still in the Enchanted Forest, and there are people who think it's just a big conspiracy, but it happened."

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