chapter 1

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It was a normal day for the Winchester bothers they have just gotten done with a case and now they are heading back to their motel room for the night before they skip town to fined another case

At the motel

"Hey Sammy mind getting some food an beer while your heading out ?" Dean asked wondering how long he would have to be alone

" Sure but I'll be a few hours at the library so don't suspect me to bring it right a way " Sam said grabbing the keys to the Impala

" Alright bring me some pie ! And don't reach my baby! " Give his brother a serious look

" Dude I know how to drive your car it'll be fine just don't touch my laptop !" Sam said walking out the door an starting the Impala an driving off

Dean waits a good 30 minutes before he grabs his secret bag an opens it to revel baby items and a adult size onesie , he starts taking out some of his baby stuff but makes sure to lock the door just in case and starts to undress he puts a diaper on with a red shirt with Micky and Pluto on it he grabs his teddy bear and Pasifier an settles down to go into his head space , when Dean goes into his head space he starts playing with his coloring books that where in the bag

"Wook tevy it's a t-rex " Dean says to his bear smiling

Time skip a few hours later

Sam heads back to the motel with the food and a few books  when he reaches the door he hears the TV on and giggling so carefully Sam opens the door and sees Dean wearing a diaper a Disney shirt watching Scooby Doo with a teddy bear

"Dean ?" Sam said confused

Dean looks over at Sam and freezes next thing Sam knows Dean runs into the bathroom and lock the door shut

To be continued ...

To be continued

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