"Okay." he sighed, and then he nodded. "I know. I will trust you and believe me; I know nothing about my father's plot. I don't want to involve myself anymore. I don't deserve the CEO position."

"I believe you. I know you well because you've taken care of Stephon and me this past six years."

He looked at me, "Rafe deserved to get his company back. I will support him. I am going to withdraw whatever my father had said on the board. I can't still believe my father did that to me."

"Let's not talk about it anymore," I kissed his lips. "We need a soothing bath." I smiled, biting my lower lip.

"Uh-huh... and then?" he smiled, showing his deep dimples.

"How about I join you just like how we planned this night?" I played with the knot of his necktie, pulling him closer.

"Hmmm," he sang, "I still haven't put your rose petals."

I giggled, "We have a lot of time. Come on." I stood up and pulled his hand. "Come on, lazy pants!" I giggled.

"Okay. I am coming."


After a relaxing bath and a few rounds of naughty play in the bathroom, we went back to bed. I fell asleep but I woke up with the disturbing sound of my phone. God, who the hell was going to call in the middle of the night? I should have turned it to silent.

Mateo's arm was still wrapped around my waist. My eyes still felt heavy and my body was a bit sore. I groped my phone from the bedside drawer and answered the call right away.

"Hello?" I whispered, my throat felt dry.

"Where are you?"

Rafe? "Hey... what is it?" I paused then checked the sleeping man beside me. God, even if Mateo's still in a deep sleep, I couldn't just shout Travis's name out loud. I should not be answering his calls either.

"I am asking where are you?" his tone changed. He sounded angry.

"Wait a sec," I whispered. I carefully moved Mateo's hand away and soundlessly stepped out of the bed trying not to make any sharp movements then I walked into the bathroom.

I put back the phone on my ear, "What do you want?" I whispered.

"I believe I was the one who's asking first?" he cleared his throat.

"What do you need? Is this work related?" I don't need to answer any of his questions.

"You keep on asking questions and when you didn't answer mine. Are you not coming home? You didn't tell me you were staying out this late?"

"No, I am not coming to Elizabeth tonight. Why?"

"I was fucking worried about you!" he shouted but he didn't sound alright. "We have a lot to talk about. You walked out on me when I was still discussing important matters."

"Wait, are you drinking?"

"Yes. It's been a long day."

I checked the time on my phone briefly, "God, Trave, it's already two-thirty. Can't it wait until tomorrow? I am so tired and—"

"Hold on," he interrupted. "Are you with Mateo?"

"Yes, and you could've woken him up by ringing my phone multiple times. I should not be talking to you like this in the bathroom. I'll hang up!"

"Damn it, Clara, hold on a second," he yelled. "I needed to talk to you about something else. I was looking for you. You're not in your room. I'm freaking out. I woke up in the middle of this nightmare. It's the same as the other night, over and over. I think I thought of something—remembered. It is too strange," he rambled breathlessly.

"Calm down, okay? Take a deep breath."

I heard him inhaled and he breathed out sharply.

"What happened in your dream?" I asked.

"You were there. It's not very clear. You're just there. You were crying endlessly. I don't know what's going on. It's giving me a bad headache."

"Is that why you're worried about me?"

"Yes, but I guess you're alright. You're with him. Are you coming home tomorrow?"


"I'll see you tomorrow, then."

I was about to say something but he already hung up. I stared at my phone screen. What the hell was that about?

"Sweetheart? Something wrong? I heard you talking on the phone." Mateo suddenly appeared at the door. He was still undressed and only covered with a towel around his waist.

"No. Nothing's wrong. I'm sorry. It's Elizabeth. I don't want to wake you up. I didn't call her that I'm staying here. I guess she's just worried." Damn, I didn't like lying to him. He and I just cleared things up. I just didn't want to fight with him again.

"Oh, I should have called her. I'm sorry," he said.

"It's okay." I smiled at him. I walked towards him then slipped my arms around his body, resting my head on his chest. "Let's go back to bed."

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