Frequently Asked Questions: Reece

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Frequently Asked Questions: Reece

I know it's been ages but here are the questions you guys asked! I answered about 30 so I hope it's enough, anyway hope you enjoy it and thanks for all the support.

Love chuuu


1.)    I was just wondering if any of your friends (other than the guys involved and away from the internet) know about your Wattpadding ways or whether it is completely a secret between you guys?

Some of our other close friends know about it and even read our updates and force us to update! So yeah, it is an inside joke and it’s an awesome way to document our prank calls for my future wife to see. Joking.

 We all know I’ll be foreveralone.

 2.)    What do you do when you're bored? (I get bored easily and I need to do something that won't make me bored, if that is possible <----You don't have to add that part, that's just me rambling.

Well I’m a hardcore rebel and I added that part! I ma$turbate.


Not really.


3.)    Which superpower would you like to have? And why?

Being invisible, I know that’s not very interesting as being a freaking flame thrower but imagine being invisible? Imagine throwing bananas at street walkers? Imagine writing PENI$ on your professor’s forehead? Imagine shaving Roger’s moms beard in the morning? Wait, huh?

4.)    Do you have any tattoos and what do you feel about girls with tattoos?

No, I think they’re cool but if girls have tattoos on their lower back of upper boob then that’s not really my thing. Although tattoos on boobs are a good excuse to look at boobs.

5.)    Do you have any idea why it’s called Blu tack? I mean shouldn't it be Blue tack. Just curious.

I get you. Like why is it McDonald’s and not MacDonald’s? Do I say em-see-Donald’s? NO. I say Mac-Donald’s. F*ck you em-see.

6.)    I don't know if u do this but I'm a girl and I was wondering how do you tell when a guy likes you?

He goes out of his way to talk to you and he stares at you weirdly. Refer to the picture on your right.

7.)    I know you won't answer this, but you can't blame me for trying. WHAT COUNTRY DO YOU RESIDE IN? Even just the country.

And, if you choose to ignore that question that a lot of people are asking, answer this one: Have you ever thought about being gay? Or how being gay feels like? Or maybe experimented in any way. Lololololol.

Never really thought about being gay, I don’t have a problem with it. My junk just seems to like girls... oh well oh well.

8.)    When did you come up with I Lurv Chu?

I just randomly say it. I love you by the way... person who asked that question.

9.)    How did you guys meet/become such good friends? And have you always done all the crazy $hit you guys do now?

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