(Love Live)Nozomi Tojo x Reader

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This was requested by Silver_and_Witches.  Hope you enjoy.

*Nozomi's P.O.V.*
            Freezing temperatures, snowflakes landing on your cheeks, and everything colored white. I've always loved winter. Sure, some see it as cold and bitter, but I see love and grace. The snow fell with grace and covered everything in a blanket. Due to how cold it was couples would hold hands, cuddle, and do anything to keep each other warm. I loved being at school with everyone, but when school keeps me out of the winter weather, I don't like it.

            The bell rang signaling the start of school. Everyone found their seats. Eli sat in front of me and Nico sat beside her. I sat by the window to look outside, no one sat next to me. The teacher started to write something on the board causing me to look up. She wrote a name, (Y/n) (L/n).

            I leaned forward and whispered to Eli," You never said anything about a new student".

            Eli leaned back to reply," I didn't know".

            The teacher motioned someone to come in and began to talk," Everyone I would like you to meet our newest student, (Y/n) (L/n). Please take care of her". When the teacher finished, I heard everyone gasp. When I looked up I saw the most beautiful girl ever. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and enchanting (e/c) eyes. She kept on a solemn face and bowed to the class.

            "Please take a seat next to Miss Nozomi Tojo. Miss Tojo please raise your hand," I swallowed hard raising my hand like the teacher told me to. She was going to sit next to me... My heart started racing as I remembered how I thought winter was for couples and had love in the air and I began to think it was true.

*Your P.O.V.*

            I saw a hand raise in the back of the class and walked towards it. I examined the girl I would be sitting next to. She had long purple hair tied in pigtails and she had big turquoise colored eyes. I smiled at her as I sat down and she blushed causing me to think,"She's so cute". The rest of class I took glances at her to find her staring at me. A few times I smiled at her so I could see her blush. The bell finally rung signaling lunch.

            "I'm staring," I thought. I waited until about half of the class was out of their seats and got up. Yet, the moment I moved everyone's eyes were one me. Half of them where blushing and giggling. I have my own 'fans', yay! Not. I walked out of the class room and went to the principal's office. I knocked on the door lightly, hearing the principle say come in from the inside.

            I opened the door, walking in, being greeted by the principle and her daughter, Kotori. I met Kotori yesterday. She invited me to lunch with her and her friends, which I agreed to. Kotori led me to her club room. No one was there yet so she had me sit next to her. Soon others joined us. They introduced themselves as Rin, Hanoyo, Maki, Umi, and Honoka.

            Finally, 3 others joined and I recognized them as Eli, Nico, and Nozomi. I smiled when Nozomi sat down next to me. She was so cute, I couldn't handle it! I may have just met her, but I could tell I had a crush on her. I stayed quiet as they talked about their live show that was happening that night. Kotori invited me, which I happily accepted and we all went on our way for the rest of the day.

*Time Skip to later that night*

            I finally arrived at the live show as the last people, before U's performed, finished.  The U's members came out in the cutest outfits I've seen them in. I immediately spotted Nozomi and I couldn't help the blush creep up on my face as she began to dance and sing. Before I knew it the song was finished and I realized all I had paid attention to was Nozomi, not the song.

            I noticed that Nozomi was blushing. I thought it was from singing and dancing, so thought nothing of it. I, then, walked back behind the stage we're U's was and congratulated them. I gave everyone a hug, but Nozomi, since I was walking home with her. I lived close to her. We said our goodbyes and we left.

            Nozomi stayed quiet the whole time, until I spoke up," Why are you ignoring me?" She didn't say anything, but leaned in kissing my lips and ran into her apartment. I had a smile on my face the rest of the night. I couldn't wait until the next day.

I know the chapter moved kind of fast and the ending wasn't very good. If you would like me to make a part two I will, but I wont otherwise. If you want a part two please leave a comment telling me. Thank you for reading this.

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