Meeting Midnight

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Aimerly swam down, deep into the bowls of the sea. When she reached the bottom, she made a sharp left, skimming the ocean floor with her newly acquired tail until she reached the most magnificent palace she'd ever seen.

Blue glass glimmered and sparkled in majestic glory. She stopped at the breathtaking sight.

"Watch it!" boomed a voice, crashing into her side and sending her sprawling headfirst into the sea bed. "You're in the delivery lane!"

Stunned, she looked up to see a huge swordfish whizzing ahead, carrying giant seashells laden with food.

Aimerly spat out a mouthful of sand, too excited by the thought of possessing a tail to be offended. "I suppose I'd better find my sisters. There must be squillions of seashells that need my expert cleaning skills."

She swam through glass door after glass door, passing lobsters, octopuses, and a whole army of seahorses, all dressed in uniform.

At last, she caught sight of a group of mermaids who looked remarkably like her new self with ebony hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes and matching tails.

Aimerly dived into their clique. "Hey guys! What's up?"

They looked at her like she'd sprouted tentacles.

Midnight, the eldest sister, glared at her. "What the blubber are you wearing?"

"What, these?" Aimerly flashed her a smile. "New scales! You like?"

"Ew! You look like a mermatron."

"She looks like a fish!" Sapphire, the second eldest, snickered.

"And what's wrong with looking like a fish?" said Aimerly, hand on hip.

The sisters gasped.

"Are you shark-raving mad!?" said Midnight. "We're mermaids! Everyone knows we're a million times better than fish!"

"Talk about discrimination! We all have tails. We all breathe the same air."

There was another gasp.

"Air?" Midnight inched closer to Aimerly.

"Exactly which air have you been breathing, human-lover?"

"Gosh!" Aimerly huffed out a bubble of water. "Don't get your flippers in a twist. We're very closed-minded under the ocean, aren't we?

"Did you swim into that sea witch again?" said Midnight, flicking her finger at Aimerly's metallic scale.

"Indigo!" Two young mermaids crashed into Aimerly, sending her reeling backwards.

"You look funny," said Sky, scrunching up her button nose.

Baby stared in awe and reached out to touch her shimmering scales. "I think you look beautiful!"

"Don't I?" said Aimerly, squeezing Baby's cheeks. "You would totally rock this look." She clasped Baby's hand, swirling round to the others in excitement. "Let's start a new trend! If we all do it, it'll reach the Atlantic mermaids in no time."

Midnight yanked Baby away from Aimerly. "The mermaids in the Atlantic are stuck-up snobitts. We will not be passing any wacked-out fashion fads their way, thank you very much. Now, if you're through making a fool of yourself, Indigo, we have work to—"

"Roll call!" hollered a voice.

Indigo's sisters zipped into position. Celeste jerked Indigo back in line.

Swimming towards them was the mammoth mermatron, Madam Irving. She was holding a large white seashell, and clutching onto it for dear life was a crab.

Madam Irving checked off each sister, rapping the seashell with the crab's claw before moving onto the next mermaid with swish of her jumbo tail.


Rap. Swish.


Rap. Swish.

"Carolina. Liberty. Tiffany. Marine. Celeste. Indigo. Iris. Violet. Aqua. Maya. Alice. Sky. Baby."

Madam Irving's huge tail stopped mid-swish. Her enormous body turned in slow motion, and like a great white shark she charged at Aimerly, stopping right before collision.

"Indigo Blue," she said, staring at Aimerly with disgust. "What." She jabbed a meaty paw on her shoulder. "Is. This?"

Aimerly held her arms out in front of her, admiring her glimmering scales like a proud precook. "My new look!"

Madam Irving glared at her menacingly. "Your new look?"

At that moment, an ear-splitting beagle sounded through the ocean.

"Make way! Make way!"

"I'll deal with you later," snapped Madam Irving before swooping away.

The Blue sisters whirled away in a flutter of excitement to watch from a safe distance, and Celeste dragged the clueless Aimerly back with the others.

In a swirl of foam and bubbles, two dolphins rushed past, bearing a magnificent open carriage. Holding the dolphin's reigns was the most handsome young man Aimerly had ever laid eyes on.

She stared open mouthed after him.

"Who's that?" she asked in a breathless daze.

Celeste gawked at Aimerly like she'd just sprouted legs. "The prince? Prince Caspian? You know, the one you've been scrubbing seashells for ever since Papa disappeared ten years ago?"

"Oh yeah," sighed Aimerly, gazing dreamily after Prince Caspian's carriage. "That one."

(Author's note: Thank you so much for reading and voting! I hope you enjoyed it.

A huge, massive thank you to Brittanie and Josie for this amazing opportunity! I never in a million years would have thought about writing a mermaid tail, now I'm totally hooked! (It is seriously impossible not to make sea puns!!) Who would have thought mermaids were so cool!?

I've had so much fun writing this, it's turning into a whole story in my head, and Aimerly's song has been playing in my head for weeks now (it's not my fault I have a songwriting compulsion!).

I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's entries. Best of luck to everyone! I had a whale of a time - somebody stop me!! :D

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