I'm Freeeeeee! 🎤

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"What?" said Aimerly, innocently fluttering her incredibly thick eyelashes.

"You have scales all over your body!"

Aimerly looked down at herself, thrilled. Her arms and chest were completely covered in shimmering blue, turquoise, gold scales. "It so elegant, don't you think?"

"Yes, very elegant. But no mermaids look like that!"

"Oh well, I'm starting a new underwater fashion then, aren't I?"

"You can't just start a new fashion. Mermaids don't do fashion fads!"

"That's exactly why they need me! Ooh, they're going to love me down there. I can feel it in my flippers!"

Indigo grabbed hold of Aimerly's iridescent arm. "But you need to fit in! Nobody dresses like that under the sea."

Aimerly looked aghast. "Indigo, I'm a princess! I can't go flouncing about half-dressed. What would Daddy say?"

"Daddy doesn't know!" said Indigo, feeling frantic bubbles of panic rise in her human chest.

Aimerly tugged her arm out of Indigo's clasp. "Well I think it's very regal."

"You're not supposed to look regal!" she said, trying not to hyperventilate. "You're supposed to look like the pitiful middle sister!"

"It's that kind of attitude that totally sinks your self esteem," said Aimerly, wagging a wise finger. "It's all about confidence. You'll need to work on those "poor me" vibes if you're going to pull off being a princess."

Indigo's mouth drooped open.

"And," Aimerly went on, "you will have to fix that neckline. Daddy will banish you from the Kingdom if he catches sight of your collarbone!"

"Wha—" Indigo spluttered as Aimerly yanked at her dress, fastening buttons with lightening speed.

"There. Much more dignified."

Indigo gnawed at her bottom lip. "I don't know, maybe this wasn't such a great idea, after all. Maybe we should have thought this throu—"

"Don't be silly!" said Aimerly, shoving her up onto the rock. "You're going to love every second being me!"

Aimerly watched Indigo totter onto dry land. She looked like a drowned rat in a sodden, pink dress. "Hmm. You might want to dry off before heading home or Daddy might blow a whale out of his nose."

Indigo stood on shaky legs. "Daddy sounds kind of scary," she said, squeezing out a bucketful of water from her dress. "Maybe we should switch back. I mean, this was fun and all, but I don't know if Daddy will find it so funny."

"Daddy doesn't know!" said Aimerly, flinging herself backwards into the sea with a loud smack. "And he's not going to know either. Just remember to flip your hair out as much as possible and at totally random intervals. Daddy goes crazy when I do that!"

"Seriously, Aimerly, I don't think—"

"I'm freeee!" screeched Aimerly. 

She launched herself into the water in what looked like an attempted dolphin flip. "You'll be fabulous!" she called out, swimming further out into the ocean.

"You're going the wrong way!" cried Indigo. "Go south then head west 'til you reach the Glass Palace!"

"Got it! And you can see your new home from here!" Aimerly called out, pointing to the towering stone castle jutting out on the cliff's edge. "You'll love it!"

She threw several loud kisses across the rippling waters, then belly-flopped into the ocean with a tremendous splash and disappeared from sight.

(A massive thank you to the incredibly talented @WinterAssassin3605 for putting her absolute all into my song! She did such a beautiful job. Thank you so much!! 

I hope you all enjoy Aimerly's song - I AM FREE! Oh, and if you want to actually hear the music please wear headphones, lol!😁)

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