The Sea is Always Bluer

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The only thing worse than sitting through a three hour hair and makeup trial, and being made up to look like a blonde poodle in a cupcake dress, was having the sea as her audience.

The sea was always laughing at her.

Princess Aimerly stared out of the huge picturesque windows overlooking the ocean while a flustered maid attempted to tame an obstinate curl that refused to stay in place.

Once everybody had finished dousing flattery over her poodle head, Aimerly slipped out of the palace and escaped to her private alcove by the shore.

Padding along the large, flat rocks coaxing her into the ocean, Aimerly dipped her toe in the sun-drenched sea, gazing at the tempting ripples with longing.

She couldn't swim. Daddy had forbidden it ten years ago when a mysterious sea plague had swept through his kingdom.

Everyone had been riding the dazzling blue waves for years now.

Everyone except her.

King Dygor wouldn't hear of it. The wild rumors of a bloodthirsty sea monster had fully convinced him that Princess Aimerly's feet must be firmly planted on dry land.

At all times.

Aimerly kicked her barefoot in the icy water. She was tired of Daddy's coddling. She was tired of being preened and petted and fawned over.

She wanted to be free.

"It's not all fin-flapping fun down here, you know." A mass of raven hair bobbed out of the water. "Some of us have to work."

Aimerly smiled at her friend and crouched down. "I'd take work any day rather than face what Daddy has planned."

"What's he got planned?"

"An Affinity Ball! I need to prance about before a pack of gawking princes and the most worthy will claim me as his prize! Who wants to get married at sixteen?"

"Me!" said Indigo, spraying Aimerly with a flick of her tail. "I spend my life scrubbing seashells. Imagine being married to a prince!"

"Oh sure, being trapped in a loveless marriage with a pompous prince just screams, 'Dream come true.' I'd scrub seashells any day if I could just get some space!"

"Oh, there's plenty of space down here," said Indigo. "Space to be completely forgotten."

"Sounds like Heaven!" sighed Aimerly. "No Daddy breathing down your neck. No maids tugging at your hair and pulling at the sash of your dress. No pressure to be perfect."

"Yeah, try being the middle mermaid of fifteen sisters. Nobody cares if you're perfect. Nobody cares at all."

"I could die of jealousy!"

Indigo eyed the princess strangely. "Maybe there's no need for that."

Aimerly raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "And why ever not?"

"Well," said Indigo, the corners of her mouth twitching upwards. "There is a way. If you really want."

"Oh, I want," said Aimerly, her heart beating faster than a seagull's in flight.

"I don't know. A princess shouldn't dabble in switching spells."

"She definitely should! I can't believe we didn't think of this before!" Aimerly scrambled to her feet and hurtled, fully dressed, into the forbidden water.

"It's freezing!" she squealed, kicking and flapping her stinging arms and legs. "I LOVE IT!"

Indigo glided over to the princess shrieking and splashing water everywhere. "You're sure?"

"So sure!" she said, clapping her hands together like a hyperactive sea lion.

Indigo grasped Aimerly's hands and pressed her body close. "Ready?"


They started chanting in unison.

"Palm to palm. Heart to heart. Feet to fin. You shall walk and I shall swim.

Palm to palm. Heart to heart. Feet to fin. You shall walk and I shall swim."

Their voices rose in the air, faster and faster, loader and louder, soaring into the smashing waves.

"Palm to palm. Heart to heart. Feet to fin. You shall walk and I shall swim.

Palm to palm. Heart to heart. Feet to fin. You shall walk and I shall swim."

Suddenly, a great tidal wave crashed over them, and sucked them under. 

A moment later two heads popped out of the ocean, shrieking with laughter.

"It worked!" screeched Aimerly. "I can't believe it worked!"

"Aimerly!" Indigo gasped in horror. "What did you do?"

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