Chemistry [One Direction: Harry Styles Romance]

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I lugged the suitcase into the hotel room, letting out a huff as I fell onto the bed. My mom just had to get the top suite for a nice view and she had to pick the room at the end of the hall for an even better view. After I caught my breath, I sat up and frowned, thinking that I seriously was out of shape. Glancing down at my flat stomach, I poked it, almost questioningly.

"Fawn!" My mom shouted from the other room.

With a sigh, I pushed myself up from the bed and trudged out of the room I would now call my own before looking at my mom in the family room area of this nice hotel room, struggling with five bags. I laughed at her before coming over to take the three that belonged to me out of her arms and tossing them into my open bedroom door.

"Now that that's over," Mom muttered, looking up at me smiling brightly. "How about you go downstairs and get something to eat? I'd rather you aren't in here while I'm setting up, anyway."

I nodded, enjoying the idea of some alone time. "Yeah, sounds good."

After she handed me a card, she said, "This is your hotel card. Just charge anything you need to on the room, okay? See you later."

Again, I nodded, slipping the card into the pocket of my shorts and bounding towards the door. I was eager to get away from my mom - not that I hated her or anything, but when you spend a very long flight with somebody then proceed to take the hour long car ride over from the airport together? It gets suffocating. When I made it to the elevator, I slipped inside and pressed floor one.

So this is what it was like to be in London, I thought, looking around the medium sized elevator with an approving nod to myself. I guess it didn't seem much different than America, other than the fact it was a bit more posh than New York City. But when you think about it, I'm pretty sure everything is a bit more posh than the dirty, loud city.

Once outside of the elevator, I walked around the lobby until I found a restaurant. Scrunching my nose at it when I could only smell fish, I turned around and kept walking down the hall, searching for something to eat. I finally came across a little market and flipped my brown hair over my shoulder and walked inside, grabbing a few candy bars and a soda before paying.

"Oops, sorry." I apologized when I turned around and hit someone.

A deep chuckle responded to me. "No problem, love."

I looked up and recognized the big green orbs instantly before blurting, "Are you Harry Styles?"

I didn't need an answer. His brown curls were placed messily on the top of his head, matching his never ending dark green eyes. He was smiling a white-toothed, perfect smile at me and I knew that was my confirmation. This was Harry Styles from One Direction, the band that nobody - including myself - could get enough of.

"Why, yes I am." Harry said with that great grin of his. "Are you a fan?"

I nodded, a huge grin coming onto my face as I realized I was talking to the Harry Styles. "Yeah, I am. Hopefully this doesn't sound too fan-girl-ish, but I love your music."

Again, he chuckled, "I don't think it's too fan-girl-ish as long as it's coming from a cute girl, love."

"So you are a flirt, huh?" I questioned, brow raised.

Still, though, a mild blush was on my cheek. Girls daily cried over him and his friends as well as listen to his music in excitement at the idea that he's in the same state as them. Now this great, talented British boy is here in front of me and he was laughing at my jokes while calling me cute. Am I dreaming or something? Maybe I did something extra nice for my mom by not annoying her and this is karma.

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