= Chapter 33 =

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"For your eyes only, I show you my heart."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Currently focusing in Math class wasn't my priority. The only thing that was on my mind right now was who 3W! could be.

Rebecca seemed weird, Dante had major secrets related to 3W!. Jonah is following me, but I'm most probably dreaming...how about Jeremy?

But he wouldn't have any reason to send anonymous messages, so I doubt he is 3W!.

How if there were two people being 3W! at the same time? I was confusing myself by each passing second, I was practically becoming insane.

"Ms Torres, would you mind telling me the equation answer for question 2b?" Mrs lee positioned her glasses on her sharp nose, glaring at me.

Where was that question again?

What is an equation?

My mind was blank. Absolutely blank.

"Mrs Lee, I'm sorry it's my fault." Someone unexpected spoke up, raising his hand to capture Mrs lee's attention.

Switching almost immediately from a frown to a warm smile, she gave her upmost attention to him. I bet she was secretly eye-raping him.

"And why do you say it is your fault, Jeremy? Skylar was clearly not paying attention!" My name came out so bitter, that for a moment I wanted to stomp up to her and correct the way she said my name.

"Well...I was trying to pass her message...?" Jeremy's answer came out more like a question.

Moving closer to him, her heels clicked against the floor.

"And may I know what you intend on telling her, I could help you with it right now. Instead of you disrupting my class." She waited impaitiently, tapping her foot.

Loosening his collar, he cleared his throat nervously. I felt so terrible for putting him in that situation. He didn't need to save my life, but he did.

"So jeremy? I don't have all day..." she sang out in a tune which made me gag mentally.

"Iwantedtotellherthatifoujdherpretty." He mumbled out quickly.

Everyone leaned closer, straining to hear what he said.

"Pardon?" Ms Lee repeated.

"I wanted...to tell her that I found her...beautiful." He took a deep breath before letting out the words that made my stomach go through a roller-coaster of emotions.

The whole class of students had their pairs of eyes on me, that included Ms Lee who left her mouth slightly ajar.

"Oh come on Jeremy, we all know you're just pitying Skylar since she is working for you." Bethany had a sly smile plastered on her bold red lips.

"WHAT?!" I stood up from my sit abruptly.

"What do you even mean by that?!" Jeremy raised his voice.

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