1. We Meet Again

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My name is Melissa Thompson and I used to be the Queen Bee of my high school. I know everyone thinks that the Queen Bee is a stuck up bitch who just loves to torture the people around her. Well you know what? Those people are absolutely right. That's exactly what I used to do too. Yes, used to.

This can come as a shock to anyone who has ever come across me, but this is the truth. I no longer am the Queen Bee which people were always afraid of. During the last month or so there are a lot of things which I have discovered and that included the truth about the night of my 16th birthday.

Sometimes I used to think that my best friend Elizabeth would never throw herself at my boyfriend Trevor, but then thinking back to what I had witnessed that night at my birthday made me think otherwise; that was until I saw the video which had recorded everything that had happened that night. (Reference to chapter 39 Betting On The Nerd)

Words cannot express how guilty I have been feeling in the last month. I ruined my own best friends life. I tortured her, picked on her, downgraded her almost everyday thinking that she deserved it. I hated my own best friend for no reason and because of my own foolishness I lost my chance of ever having a friend like Elizabeth.

Sorry just was not enough. I had no idea how I could ever make up for all the things that I had done to Elizabeth. That guilt was killing me from within ever since I found out what had happened that night. I thought that there was no way I could do anything to make Elizabeth forgive me, especially after everything that I had done to her.

However, on the very same day Trevor had kidnapped Elizabeth. I wanted to go and save Elizabeth myself, but Cameron had stopped me and told me to stay alert while he gave me a device where I could hear everything that was going on. If it wasn't for that device then I wouldn't have been able to call the police and give them the address on time.

I thought that this would be it, Elizabeth would be safe, but when I got a call from Cameron saying that Trevor had hit Elizabeth with a wooden rod and she was being rushed to the hospital my world almost shattered. I had thought it was too late, too late to apologise to the girl who used to be my best friend. To tell her that I regretted everything that I had ever done to her.

I had rushed to the hospital immediately to see Elizabeth. I really wanted to see her just once and tell her how sorry I am for everything.

But then I found out that she had amnesia. She didn't remember anything to do with high school except for the first few months in freshman year when we used to be friends.

Once Elizabeth had gotten her memory back, I then decided to get in touch with Forrest. When I approached him, he didn't want to listen to a word I had to say. I deserved it.

He had only agreed to listen to me after I continuously begged him to listen to me just this once. I showed him the video and told him how sorry I was about everything. I wanted to talk to Elizabeth, but there was no way I could face her after what I had done to her.

Forrest finally agreed to help me in talking to Elizabeth. I didn't want her to know that she was supposed to meet me and not Forrest. I don't think she would have ever agreed to meet me if Forrest had told her beforehand that I wanted to speak to her face to face.

Forrest had told Elizabeth to go to Starbucks with him where I was already sat waiting for her. Forrest then told Elizabeth to order something while he will be back but the plan was that he wasn't supposed to be coming back. Once she had sat down I tried to as confidently as I can approach her.

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