Chapter 9 - The Vows of Ice and Fire

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It's been 4 days since Dianna had fainted, and throughout the entirety of the 4 days, not once did Magnus leave her side, the villain kids would visit often, Evie would bring her apples, Jay and Carlos would always be at each others throats in the hopes that she would wake up and just burn them. Mal visits very rarely, occasionally bringing Ben along with her. Bringing them flowers, Magnus always wondered why Mal didn't visit as frequent as the other villain kids, He found it extremely peculiar.

The royal doctor ( Courtesy of Prince Ben ) had informed him that Dianna would wake up in a few days, the doctors said that her body heat had affected her brain, thus causing it her to faint. Magnus sat close to Dianna's bed, with her hand in his. He laid his head on the edge of her bed, closing her eyes as if in prayer.

"Please wake up, Lady Wildfire."–Magnus chuckled–"I really miss you. Please." Magnus started tearing up. A few minutes passed by, and Magnus had sworn that he felt her fingers brush against his faintly.

"Why are your hands so freezing cold?" Magnus looked up from the bed, looking at Dianna, who turned to Magnus with a smile.

"Hi Ice King." said Dianna.

Magnus' face lit up, he reached for her and instantly embraced her. He nuzzled into her neck, with Dianna returning the embrace. Magnus started to kiss her cheeks, pecking her with soft kisses everywhere. Dianna started chuckling, as he started to cup her face, they rested their foreheads together, lips just inches away. Magnus calmed himself.

"Dianna...I love you." Dianna said nothing, she merely kissed his forehead. Magnus pulled back, with a confused look on his face.

"Dianna, I just said I love you?"

"I don't know what love feels like. I'm sorry." Magnus stilled, but eventually he put his thumb on her cheek.

"Then I vow, Lady Wildfire, that I will teach you how to love. I will teach you what it feels like to be loved. I will love you until you learn what love is. I will love you until that fire of yours incinerates the entire goddamn world."

"Then I vow to you, My arctic heart, that I will learn how to love, and when I do, even when this world is but dust amongst the stars, I will love you."

Magnus leaned in and kissed her, with Dianna kissing him in return, He climbed on to the bed, as she pulled him in, taking off his shirt in the process, He took off her clothes, as she did his in return. And it was then that Magnus and Dianna had felt. Complete.

and for a moment, they were perfect, they were infinite, they were magic.

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