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Chapter 18

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Chica's POV

"Let's chat Chica. That's all I want to do. And don't go thinking anyone well come. Anyone who enters here well only see an empty room and well not hear or feel us here should they walk into us. It's just you and me, my little prey." She said with a devil like smile as I cowered in my corner. She leans in close to me until our faces were a few inches apart, until I smelled the scent of rust, not wielded metal. "Chica. Don't be scared. I'm not going to harm you. Only way for that to happend is if you force my hand. We both don't want that. But I well do what I must, so relax, answer my questions and I'll let you go and be on my way." she said to me with an oddly soft, comforting voice that made me relax, and blush slightly as my heart raced.

"Good girl." she said with a relaxed, yet sad look on her face. 'why does she seem so sad? She did just say that she doesn't want to hurt us but well do so if we force her. Does she not really want to do what she planning? Wait! Not harm us! HER SONGS!' I thought as I just realized something. Avery let another clue slip by. She is cornering me because I'm the only one who is on the right track. "So Chica. Let me asked you, where are you exactly?" Avery asked and I decided to go with what I have now. The songs. "I figured out that the first song was just to tell us that you are very well aware of us. You know our secrets and tricks, how we play our game. The second, I'm starting to feel that you are warning us about karma, and that you may be it for if we do something you well make us pay, but you are caught in karma's trap. You are a wolf in sheep's clothing so in turn your own karma well make you pay." I said as she looks at me a bit surprised but intreged.

"Go on." she said. "The third was to tell us, we should be greatful you are here to keep us from the scrap yard but we know you could send us there easy." I said and she looks at me impressed. "Very good Chica. Very clever in deed. Much more then Goldie." she said. "About Goldie. You believe our hands are bit. I would like to take a guess of the order. The bitter is Goldie, then Freddy. Goldie because you thought highly of him. You thought he was smart so that made him to be the first person to bite our hands into helping him kill night guards. The reason why remains unknown but I feel it involves him. Freddy second because he bites mine and Foxy's hands in to helping him, help Goldie. Am I close Avery?" I asked her while glaring slightly as she looks back at me surprised.

"My. My My. Wow Chica. Spot on actually. Yes. You figured out that puzzle. But now you are getting to dangerously close to the fire I made now. In fact you might as well be in it. I'm not letting it burn you but if you don't stop now it well be time for you to burn like the gang should have after the first few kills." she said as an evil like smile grew on her face. "Tell me what else do you have my dear little prey?" she asked in a sugery sweet tone of voice that would put Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls to shame, as she cressed my cheek making me blush slightly at her gently but deadly touch as I racked my brain for more puzzle pieces to put together. 'What else do I have? There are so few yet they seem so many. Maybe with what she say and does might as well be clues to. Wait. Maybe they are and I didn't realize it yet until now? Her plan somehow involves us, mostly Goldie. But it also doesn't at the same time and the little creatures she brought with her. What got me most was the nightmare BB. Nightmare....nightmare.' I thought as realizion hits me straight on. Avery slipped big time. I glare at her.

"There are more us. Not just the toys but I believe nightmare verisions of us. You are working with them. You slipped up Avery. You brought a nightmare verion of them here. Plus I remember the auto class. The cars looked to have not been wielded or cut at all this week. But a few times already you smelt of sweat and wielded metal. In and after auto class you smelled of sweat and rust. Again you slipped up Avery. I know your plan involves us but it also doesn't at the same time. The question is what is your goal/task?" I said as she stood there shocked and backed away, freeing me from my corner. "Wow....just wow.....You certainly figured out quite alot. I knew I slipped up but not like that. Wow." she said as she paced back and forth a little bit before turning to me with a mischif like smile on her face as she came towards me and pinning me against the wall once more.

"You well burn Chica if you don't stop now. Or should I say Foxy well burn if you don't stop." She said and I stare at her shocked and scared. "W-wh-what do you plan on doing?" "Oh Chica as I said yesterday I can take you all out in a varity of ways. I can permintaly put him out of order, scrap him, make him dangerous to kids, I can do so much. I pull the strings to your's and the others lives Chica. I'm dangerous and you know it. Now I really don't want to play the bad guy here so I'll let him be along with the others if you answer one question for me." she said which got me confused. "And what question is that?" I asked her. "What spell did you have Goldie put on me?" she asked making me more confused. "What?" "Don't act stupid Chica. We both know now you are very smart. You had Goldie put a spell on me so that when ever I'm around you I feel..." she trailed off as she backed away again, looking upset and confused.

"You make me feel like my tongue and gut are tying themselves in knots. That there are butterfies stuck in between the knots. You make my heart race, you make me feel guilty about what I have to do. You make me want to be friends with you and abandon what I worked hard for to do. You make me feel like I'm flying when I'm near you Chica. It's a miracle right now that I can speak to you. Chica what the hell was the spell? What do you know about it?" She asked, looking at me helplessly, which was a first for me to see her like this. I walked up to her and hugged her, like I use to when she was younger. "I don't know anything about I spell, all I know is that what you are feeling is something new to you and that I was the one who bit your hand and part of your forearm off when you were younger." I said before instantly I regetted it.

"Wait what?" she said as she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me away a little. "You bit off my hand? You are the one that caused that event to happen? You are the reason why I have a fake arm?" she asked as she looked at her fake arm before taking it off to look at more closely. "I'm so sorry Avery. I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you before. But you said you had no memory and I was planning on telling you when you trusted me enough. But what with everything else I-" "Stop." she said before I could finish while I hoped this won't effect the deal we were about to make about her not hurting Foxy or the others.

She stayed silent before putting her arm back on. "I'll see you tonight. You are needed out there." She said as she disappeard and I stood there frozen in place for a few moments before I left the parts and service in time to be greeted by the others. "Chica! Where have you been? We been looking all over for you! Come on we are needed by the kids." Freddy said as he dragged me along to the kids but I was unable to process much of what has happen after Avery said before she left and how she acted after I told her the truth about her arm. 'What Avery said....was she basicly saying she was falling for me, like I was feeling towards her? No. I bet it's just a trick to mess with me. Avery why must you have this lore on me that makes me feel the same towards you? What the hell is happening? Why is so much happening in such a short time?' I thought as the day continued in a blur for me as I thought about my paradox known as Avery.

(Looks like Chica got herself in a pickle here bird fans. She is standing in the flames of a roaring fire but how long well she last before she is cooked with the others? Well Avery/the nightmare's plans go down in the flames they worked hard to build because of Avery's changing mind? Or well it all go on as planned? See ya'll later Bird fans. I'm looking forward to your answers.)

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