chapter 10

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Luke's pov

I wake up I can hear people talking down stairs I sit up quickly and look over were Oliver was supposed to be.  But he was not there I go to grab my phone to text him but I saw a note I pick it up and read it.

From Oliver  
Hey baby sorry I had to leave my friends needed me for a fight I will text you when I'm done love you

I hate when he fights but I'm not going to say anything about it because what happened last time I  did. I pick up my phone when I  realize I got texts from my brothers telling me that they are coming home for the weekend.  I get up and put a long sleeve shirt on and walk out of my room as I walk out I get a text from Oliver

Daddy: Hey baby I'm done I need you to help me I have some cuts so can I come over?
Why in gods name in hell is his name daddy in my phone? I did not but that name for him
Luke: Two things one) why is your name daddy in my phone did you change it? Two) my brothers are home so you can not come here.
Daddy: Will I change it because last night  you were calling me that so much 😘
Luke: Oh my god Oliver
Daddy: Ok so can I pick you up and come to my place?
Luke: Ok I will try
Daddy: What do you mean your going to try ?
Luke: They might not let me
Daddy: I do not give a shit what they say I'm going to be there in 5 and you are going to be waiting for me
Luke: Ok Oliver

I sigh  and walk down the stairs to the living room I see my brothers I walk In. " Hey Luke how's it going dude" my brother Noah  said " oh I'm ok I'm just going to go hang out with someone." I start to walk to the front door " come dude we just got here we are leaving on Monday." My brother  Jacob said I sigh I really want to hang out with them but I do not want to get Oliver mad so I say. " Guys it's Friday night we have all weekend to hang out ok but I have to go ok" before they can say something I walk out the door.  I can see Oliver waiting for me my house is at the end of the street so no one can see us I walk to the car and get in. " What hell take you so long" Oliver said " I'm sorry they were talking to me." He sighed and tuned the car on I look over at his face he as some cuts " Jesus Oliver I hate when you."  I stop I know that he is going to get mad at me " what do you hate when I what finish your sentence Luke" he snapped at me. " I-I just love you and I hate seeing you cut up baby I care about you Oliver" I say in  shaky voice I think I just dodged a bullet because he checkered and say. " Yeah I know I'm sorry for making you worry about me but I'm ok you should see the other guys" we laughed I look at his knuckles they are still bloody." Hey I love you L and thanks  for caring about me so much." He looks over at me and gives me one of his cute smiles then looks back at the rode I think tonight is going to be nice. 

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