Chapter 4 - Time sure flies

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(Your POV )
Today I start at UA . My dream.

After the entrance exams I had to rest for a few weeks, just when I was able to move around again, the letter was delivered to my house. It appears that I would have tied first but since I endangered myself to that extent in a simulated battle the supervisors of the school believed it would be best to deduct some of my points. Bull, but in a way it's kinda fair.
I trained my hardest during the break perfecting my moves, I tried to drain out any thoughts but no matter how hard I tried, that boy- Shoto. He was .. Peculiar. No one can deny that he's hot though oh my god, but still, he seemed almost sad, even when he flashed that perfect smile of his.

Anyway... As I was saying, today is finally the day where I start my life at UA, and I plan to make the most of it.

(Third person POV)
The day shone brightly, and all the new students filed into the UA, with smiles on their faces and adventure sparkling in their eyes. (Y/n) walked towards her new class, where she would be spending her year.
"Class.. 1A... Where the bloody hell is that." She muttered under her breath as she wandered the huge hallways. Eventually she reached a door with 1A boldly engraved down its side, but the door itself could've been as tall as a house.
Gathering her courage, (Y/n) lingered for a moment, when she heard a voice behind her.
" Are you going to go in? "

(Your POV)
"Are you going to go in?"
I whipped my head around to see a petite girl with a round face and bobbed brown hair. She had a kind smile on her face but still had that look of nervousness plainly on her face. I've seen this girl before, she's that girl who I believe controls gravity.
" uh, yeah, I was just um.."
She giggled a bit.
"I'm Ochaco Uraraka." She held out her hand " Just call me Ochaco." I shook her hand, ". (Y/n) (L/n), pleasure to meet you Ochaco, oh and just call me (Y/n)." She smiled brightly at me as I spoke to her, we ended up just conversing outside the door for a while, that was until a hermit(?) in a sleeping bag interrupted us and urged us inside.

Isat in my assigned seat and the hermit.. Who was our home room teacher, started to address the class. After the formalities, hermit- who Now had a name: Aizawa-sensei, made the class stand up one by one and introduced themselves and their quirk. Many people had already gone before me; a guy had a strong ass tail - can't remember his name, a girl with a frog like quirk- I believe her name was something on the lines of Tsuyu Asui, a guy with engines in his legs- who I remembered from the entrance exam- Tenya Iida I believe, a guy who needs therapy or a psychiatrist for his anger issues, Katsuki Bakugou, explosion quirk. And Izuku Midoriya, the flying boy with a smash quirk I believe.
My row was the last row to introduce themselves, I stood up said my part, and sat back down. Then the noise of a chair moving out and a person standing up, I turned around to look at them.

"Todoroki.. Shoto... My quirk is half hot half cold." He then looked at me in the eyes and I swear I saw a pang of sadness as he looked away.

But ... Todoroki.. Why is that name so familiar?

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Next chapter I will probably draw up the hero costume.
Also, I am planning to make this story incredibly angsty and dramatic (lol) but when Kacchan is introduced properly I will not hold back on the foul language -apologies in advance.

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