The Dream Weaver by Amber Boyd

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Genre: Fantasy

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Since, this is a featured story, at first, I was torn between doing assessment or I would go into critical one. But, I have decided to do a different style of reviewing this story. It is kind of giving a thought to the characters. How the author had shaped each of them relatable they were.

But, before that, let me tell you a very interesting fact about the story. Ready? Alright, please scroll down....

*just kidding*

The entire events of the story was circulated within three days, starting at Swallow Falls High School.

What? Really?

First day, Kelan introduces himself and his status to Wren. Second day, it's Jaxon's turned.

It was narrated from chapter 1-25 how things fitted within that 3 days to make it a brilliant story that everyone will surely enjoy them.

This could only means that we can write a story from our daily routines. That sometimes so much things happening within a blink of an eye and this was somehow true in reality. In just one twist, it could possibly changed one's life forever or discovered a mystery hidden from the past that eventually test one's strength how to face it. Like what happened to Wren's life. A taste of magic, power, love, friendship and hurt that would truly bring you into the world of fantasy and a blur between dream and reality.

To be honest, between the protagonist's gentlemen, it was hard to tell who she will choose in the end.The author did a very good job because I felt how convincing both character's side.

I'm done with feeling like pawn on a chess board."

Nothing ever actually happens until Wren arrived in Swallow Falls High School.What she has, is the very primary question as to why and what happen next.

Love triangle--it hurts when your rival still lived in the mind and heart to someone you love. The character of Jaxon revolves with anger issues. Which is true in reality. Emotions especially, if it is provoked, it brings out the dark of it.The idea there is, sometimes, we can't control it when we were on its picks and burst out like a bomb.His character gives us the image of the other side of ourselves.

While Kellan is kind of cool teenage boy in the school, yet there's so much about him that it will revealed later on as the story goes on.His coolness doesn't made him ideal partner sort of at the beginning, but it gives him the name Kellan stand out as a will understand why I'm saying this if you want and choose to read his journey. His image was surprising, you will develop empathy, care and courage to move on because you have him.This kind of personality is what we needed in our world.That despite of how hatred the world have had brought us, we remained standing and not just only we stand there, but doing something good as well.

Sage is a healer, a Doctor to be. I loved her character so much, jolly, straight to the Point, smart, funny and earned the title of "You Are Impossible". She made me laugh every time it was her turn to speak. In a story, it's good to see and meet like Sage's presence. She brought good vibes and put a laugh on your face, which is very necessary to the story. I mean, a story should reflect how it entertained to the reader's taste and humor is universal yet, only few have acquired it.

"I never had the art of diplomacy either." Wren's Grandma, Rosemarie is very transparent one. You can't hide something from her, she eventually will know. Understanding is what we needed, especially if we were on our down moments. Despite of being witches in nature (good witch) she's a supportive, caring, lovable Grandma to Wren.

The nature is something we can relate to and looking forward to apply in our daily lives and keep doing all the good we've been doing.

Of course Wren was an extraordinary one.

The story is a piece that shines on its own, how the character's emotions were believable and held accountable perception for their actions. If I were asked to get and idea from the book, it would be Sage's friendship to Wren. You can be friends with everyone, but only few are true to you. The question there was, "Is it possible for you to acquire that same positive mental trust?" What would you choose, a cinder, a cynic, or, a sender? The latter is actually one of the capacity Wren can do. Please give this story a try, you'll never regret it. It's one of Wattpad gems.

Reviewer: annforever416

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