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Riley helped me strap on the body armor that Rick and the others had found and cleaned. “Thanks,” I said ruffling his hair. He smiled and nodded. I pulled out my gun, checking to make sure it was loaded before placing it back into the waist band of my jeans.

“You won’t need that.” I looked at what Rick was talking about and saw him take a helmet from Carl. “I need you and Riley to stay here,” He said pointing at both boys.

“You’re kidding?” Carl argued. Poor boy really wanted to go.

“We don’t know what’s in there. If something goes wrong, you could be the last man standing. I need you two to handle things here.”

Carl sighed. “Sure.”

“Great,” Rick said and handed him the keys to the gate. “Let’s go.”

I nodded at my little brother before following Daryl out. I heard the gate swing shut and Carl lock it. We made our way over to the area that we haven’t cleared yet. Daryl unlocked the gate and we all quickly filed in, Rick first, then Daryl, Me, Hershel, T-Dog, Maggie and Glenn. We all had our flashlights out. Our light quickly fell upon rotting corpses lying around. Most were missing flesh, the walkers having already got to them. I could hear Glenn spray painting the walls to let us know how to get back as I looked around. I held my knife tightly as we continued on waiting for walkers to pop out at any moment.

“Go back! Go back!” Rick whispered yelled.

My eyes widened as we all turned and ran back the way we came. Daryl quickly took the lead as Rick yelled out which way. Every time we turned a corner, a herd of walkers would be coming and we’d have to which directions.  We finally got to a safe spot and I looked around noticing Glenn and Maggie were missing.

“Where’s Glenn and Maggie?” I whispered, scared that something bad had happened to them.

“We have to go back,” Hershel said, obviously wanting to find his daughter.

“Which way?” Daryl asked.

Rick didn’t say anything, just stood up and opened the door. We all hurried out.

I could hear Hershel calling for Maggie and Glenn as I followed Rick and Daryl down a hallway. Though we were soon doubling back as we heard Hershel’s scream of pain. Turning a corner I could see Hershel lying in the lap of a walker who had taken a nice chunk of his leg. I gasped at the scene as Rick shot the walker, Maggie and Glenn turning the corner at that exact moment. Rick and Glenn hurriedly picked up Hershel under the arms.

“Daryl!” Rick called out, and Daryl rushed forward attacking the walkers that had just rounded the corner.

“This way!” I yelled noticing another herd coming from the opposite direction. The others quickly followed me as we ran down a hallway looking for a safe place to hide. I found a door with handcuffs on it and Maggie yelled for T-Dog to break it. I ripped the door open and let the others in before Daryl and I shut the doors. I held the doors closed, along with T-Dog, as Daryl went to go help Rick.

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