Chapter 26

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Angel's POV

We were now sitting in the king's study and they were about to tell me who they were.

They looked at each other and the king started.

"I am king Antonio Oakel, this is my wife, the queen of elves, Alyria Oakel, we have a son, his name is Stefan Oakel and we also have a daughter."

He looked at me pointedly as he said that.

I pointed my finger at myself.


"Yes, you."

"But, how..."

They both sighed sadly and looked at each other.

"You were only three years old when it happened. Me, your mother, Stefan and you plus many guards were visiting another kingdom. We were on our way back when suddenly we were ambushed. By werewolves."

He spit the word 'werewolves' out so venomously that I shuddered a little from the hate coating his voice.

"They were everywhere. We were greatly outnumbered even with the guards. We fought the best we could but in the end we were forced to stand down and flee. We couldn't find you anywhere. At that time we feared that the wolves had killed you in the fight but in our hearts we could feel that you were still alive. They didn't give us a chance to look for you, so we had to leave you behind. We started looking for you though. All those years... we nearly lost hope but then suddenly, we saw you. We knew it was you just by one look, so we decided to take you home where you will be safe from the wolves. And now you are old enough to meet your fiance, he's a handsome young man capable of protecting you and in time I'm sure you two will learn to love each other."

I just gaped at them both.


"Yes! Isn't it wonderful? Don't be sad I'm sure you'll like him."


"What? What do you mean 'no'?"

"No. I won't marry him whoever he is."

"But sweeti-"

"I said no. I can't marry him."

"Well why not??"

"Because I have mates!"

"Oh, so that's what marks these are on your neck. Don't worry sweetheart, I'm sure we can have them erased and you can be free-"

"ERASED?? I don't want to have them erased!!"

"What??? Why would you willingly be bound to those mutts?!?"

I was now standing with my fists clenched and eyes narrowed.

"Don't you dare call them mutts. I love them and I will not marry some stranger!!"

They both looked at me astonished.


"Yes, I love them! Now let me go home, they're already worried sick I'm sure of it."

"But your home is here."

"No. My home is where they are."

Now it was the queen who spoke up.

"Sweetheart, are you sure?"

I scoffed angrily.

"Of course I am!"

Suddenly there was a knock on the office door and it was opened with a slam as it flew against the wall.

"Dad! What's all this yelling about?"

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