Chapter six: Eliminating loose ends

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(This will be a fight between Revan and Darth Nox, do listen to the song during the fight scene.)

-Dantooine orbit-

Darth Nox's ship exited hyperspace, in Dantooine's orbit. The planet reminded him of the time when he fell from the light, and embraced the Dark Side. It was in his nature, as his kind was more attuned with the Dark Side. After entering Dantooine's atmosphere, Nox landed the Rogue Shadow and exited the ship. "Wolf, stay with the ship. I will deal with Revan myself." He said, [Of course, Karon.] Bladewolf replied, Nox smiled under his helmet. Only Bladewolf had the privilege to call the Sith by his real name. As Nox stepped onto the landing pad, two Clone Troopers stood in his way. "Halt! You're not authorized to land your sh-'gag'." The Clone began before he and his companion were choked to death. Nox had one hand in a semi clenched position as he started Force Choking the Clones. He soon clenched his hand into a fist, killing the Clones by crushing their necks. "Pathetic." Nox monologued, deep in the old Jedi academy ruins, a Jedi master and his Padawan knelt in meditation. The Master started grimacing. "Master Revan? What's wrong?" The Padawan asked, "I sense something..." Revan replied, "A presence I've not felt since...the Sith Wars!" As if on queue, the massive doors leading in and out of the chamber were violently ripped off their hinges. And the Clones guarding the two Jedi were all hit by a Force Storm. Entering the chamber was the one being Revan hoped he'd never see again. "Darth N-Nox!" He exclaimed, Nox looked at the two. "I am impressed that you have survived for so long, Revan." The Sith replied, Revan's Padawan could sense how powerful the Sith in front of her was. Nevertheless, she drew a memory forth to calm herself. "I don't know who you are, but this was your last mistake scum." She said, Nox looked at the Padawan with a look of amusement under his helmet. "Your Apprentice is brave for a youngling. What is your name, girl?" He asked, "I am Mission Shen." She answered, "Shen? Hmhmhm, how appropriate that Bastilla's bloodline would end here." Nox said, Revan was confused. "What do you want from us?" He asked, Nox fell silent for a moment. "I have come to eliminate loose ends. That means...I am now here to kill BOTH OF YOU!" He roared as he Force Pushed the two from him. The two struggled to break free from the Sith's hold, but were eventually let down. Mission and Revan drew their Lightsabers and activated them. Revan's had a purple blade, Mission's blade was yellow like her ancestor's. Nox drew his and Ashara's Lightsabers. Both blades activated. "I will enjoy breaking your spirit Revan. This time, you will not be resurrected." He said, the three then engaged in a duel that would decide the fate of the Jedi. Nox partnered offense with defense. A rather effective strategy, while Revan had experience fighting Sith, Mission was struggling to keep up with the fight. Nox was just toying with them. "Come now you two, two skilled Jedi against a living relic. This is pathetic." He taunted, Revan sneered and Force Pushed Nox out of the chamber, and into the training arena. But Nox used Force Pull to take the two down with him. The three landed, and ignited their Lightsabers. Nox decided to pressure Mission by focusing mainly on her. Mission was backed into a corner, then Revan intervened, and blocked one of Nox's attacks. "It's not too late for you Nox! I can still sense good in you! Please, it's not too late, you can still abandon the Dark Side!" The Jedi pleaded, Nox brought both his Sabers to bear on Revan. "And become a Jedi weakling like you have Revan? When did you lose your spine!? Perhaps there was some good in me once-upon-a-time, but it died along with Ashara! I will NEVER join the Republic! Nor will I join the Confederecy! I am on my own side! I am my own master now!" Nox roared, head butting Revan stunning him. He then returned his attention to Mission, who tried to stab Nox. But the Sith dodged and struck back at her, but a second yellow blade appeared, blocking the strike. The two then engaged in combat. But without her master's help, Mission was losing ground quickly. Nox then cut her Saberstaff in half, then punched her in the face, before turning his back to her and stabbing her through her chest. Revan saw this and was shocked and horrified as he saw Darth Nox kill his niece. "No..." He whispered, Nox then pulled his Sabers out of Mission, and kicked her down the stairs. Revan followed after her. "I'm...sorry, Uncle. I wasn't ready-Ahhh!" She whispered, "Save your strength. You'll survive Mission." He said, Mission just smiled. "We both know...that...I'm far beyond's okay, Uncle...I'm see...Mother again." Mission said before breathing her last, Revan went wide-eyed as Mission now lay dead in his arms. "Thus, the bloodline of Bastilla Shen is no more. Now then Revan. Focus your rage. Let the hate flow through you. Claim your revenge if you can!" Nox shouted, Revan then pulled a second Lightsaber from his belt. It was his old Sith Lightsaber. Nox saw the look of hatred in his enemy's eyes and smirked under his helmet. "Come, Darth Revan. Let us conclude this charade." Nox said, Revan let out a roar of rage as the two charged each other. Nox and Revan clashed, the duel couldn't be considered a duel between a Jedi and a Sith. But a duel between two Sith Lords. Nox blocked a downward strike from Revan, and retaliated with an upward strike. Revan blocked the attack, but was kicked back. "Is that all!?" Nox shouted in disbelief, Revan then charged again. But Nox blocked both Sabers. "Becoming a Jedi has made you weak, Revan..." Nox said disappointed, he then severed Revan's left hand, cutting his red Lightsaber in half along with it's Kiber Crystal. Revan yelled in agony, before Nox sent his purple Saber flying down the stairs. After that, any anger Revan had turned to fear. "Show mercy! Please! PLEASE!" He begged, Nox shook his head. "There is no mercy, Revan. I will enjoy draining your prolong my own." He said, soon after that, a blood red glow and screams of pure agony filled the night skies of Dantooine. When Nox was done, all that was left of Revan, was a empty shriveled husk. Nox then returned to the Rogue Shadow, and left for Jakku. With almost every loose end dealt with. Darth Nox could begin working to reforge the most powerful force the galaxy has ever known. "The Sith Empire, has returned."

I'm finally picking my first story back up! I'm glad I could pull it up and revive it, because it has been gathering dust for a long time. But as always, comment, rate, and leave advice so I can improve. Next time, Anakin and Obi-Wan, arrive to see the aftermath of Nox's duel with Revan, but before that. Rath makes a return!

-Nox's signature Force Ability: Lifedrain. Drains the life from Darth Nox's opponents. Heals injuries and prolongs his own life.

(Here's a song for Nox, and one for Rath. Enjoy!)

(For Rath.)

(For Darth Nox.)

(A song for Rath and Grievous.)

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