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I sat on the bench and scrolled through my camera roll from the day, grinning at the hundreds of unnecessary photos I had taken of my daughter and husband and I at the zoo. She has recently been obsessed with sports announcers and hearing her enthusiastic descriptions of the animals made the trip that much more entertaining.

"Nice shirt," I heard someone sneer to my left. I looked over to see a guy who seemed a few years younger than me glaring at my shirt.

"Um, thanks?" I spoke looking down at the shirt I wore. It was a plain gray T-shirt with the the word 'Highkey' written on it in gold foil.

"Do you even know what it means?" His face was full of spite and it made me almost want to laugh. If only he knew!

"It's a band isn't it?" I played dumb.

"Um, it's not just a band. It's a lifestyle!"

"Right. Who is in it again?"

"Well there's the drummer, Logan. The guitarist, Jay. The keyboard is Lance and the lead singer is Carter. You don't deserve to wear that shirt if you don't even know their names!" I️ flinched as his voice raised suddenly.

"You've already forgotten my name? We've only been gone for 10 minutes! Knoxy you must've taken too long making faces in the mirror!" My husband walked up with our 7 year old daughter.

"Ten minutes? That felt like ages!" I groaned standing and grasping hands with Knoxy, my husband's arm sliding around my waist.

"What were you saying to my wife?" Jay spoke.

"She has no right wearing that shirt if she doesn't even know what it stands for!" My grin nearly split my face. Jay was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap to help him stay hidden so the guy must have not made the connection yet because of that. I watched the guy's face transform to horror as Jay took off his hat and glasses.

"You have no right to be mean to anyone that is a fan of Highkey. Whether they've been there since the beginning or joined yesterday they are still fans and me and the boys appreciate them all none the less. Think before you speak next time."

"I-I-I'm s-so sorry Jay I-I d-didn't know she was-" the man stuttered.

"Doesn't matter who she is you need to be nice to all the Highkey fans. We're a family and I don't stand for bullying. Come on baby," Jay picked up Knoxy and pulled me away, leaving the man stuttering behind us.

"Daddy, why was he so mean?" Knoxy asked, spinning the hat that Jay had been wearing around her head.

"Some people are a bit too protective of the things they love and it can make them be a bit mean. I want you to try to be kind to everyone. Okay?"

"Okay. Everyone except Lance right? I have to be sassy to Lance." I laughed at my little girl's response.

"Yes you can still be sassy to Lance. He deserves to have at least one girl not fall at his feet." Jay rolled his eyes at the thought of one of his more wild band mates making me laugh.

"I'm sorry he was mean to you baby," Jay spoke to me after he had situated Knoxy on his shoulders.

"I️ understand. Sometimes your fans feel entitled because they've spent so much time following you digitally and from a distance that they feel like they have to defend you. I️ was one of those distant fans once upon a time if you'll recall."

"You were a fan? What happened? Not much of a fan anymore?" He teases me with a fake pout on his lips, his fingers lacing themselves with mine and pulling me closer to him as we walked.

"I'll always be your biggest fan, Jay." I️ leaned my head against his upper arm, pulling his hand to my lips to place a small peck on it.

"And I'll be yours. Love you sweetheart." He kisses my temple.

"Love you too," I️ sighed, the smile gracing my face not enough to express the feeling of joy I️ felt in this moment, holding hands with my dream guy and hearing our daughter announcing the crocodiles coming up on our left in her ridiculously adorable sportsman voice.

How lucky am I️?


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