Chapter 2

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Jacks POV

"Jack what happened? "ask Tooth. I look around and see that Bunny, Sandy, and Santa are now starting to wake up." Pitch says that he is no after my powers." I say. "What is he after then. "ask Bunny. I sigh." I don't know but whatever it is its more powerful and more dangerous than me." I say. "What is he after but more importantly who is he after." says Santa. I feel a tug on my right I look down to see Sandy pointing at something. I look down to see the Man in the Moon is trying to communicate. "Guys look." I say. I point towards the Moon. "Ahh I haven't heard from you Manny since we recruited Jack. What's the news?" ask Santa. The lights start pointing on the ground and it shows us Pitch. Then the Crystal starts to come out. Which only means one thing........we are recruiting a new guardian. "Wow I wonder who it is gonna be!" says tooth excitedly. The crystal shines and it shows us ...............a girl. "Well I'll be." says Bunny with a smirk.

I look at him suspiciously. "Daughter Nature. "says Santa. "Who? Wait who is Daughter Nature?" I ask. "She is new we she was chosen only last year. She is one of the youngest chosen she was only 16 when it happened. She was so lost I know her personally. She is very gorgeous and very kind that is why she was chosen for nature she is very sweet. But she was very sad knowing that she has to watch her mother, sister, and brothers grow without her. She was the youngest in her family it was very hard for her to move on. But this......this is amazing! "Bunny explains. Then the

Crystal goes down and it shows us her being very powerful. It's her she's the one with the power. She is the one Pitch is after. "We must go get her warn her. "says Tooth. And we must go congratulate her for being the new guardian. "Wait no I will get her she knows none of you she won't go with you willingly. I will bring her. "says Bunny. "Alright but hurry and bring the Yetis with you just in case. "says Santa. He nods and leaves. I wonder what she is like.

Blossoms POV

I run towards my balcony and look at the rising Sun. I just love waking up and watching the sun rise. When I was alive I never got the chance to watch the beauty in nature. My life.......Sometimes I just think of what I would be doing if I was alive. Probably heading to school and stressing about grades. But now I don't have to worry about it anymore. I can be free. I watch the shades of pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges stretch across the sky. I never really got to watch the sun set when I was alive. I hear a door open behind me. I turn around and see that one of my guards were here. Your Highness the Easter Bunny is here to see you. Says the guard. Bunny? I have not seen him in ages! I wonder what's up. Thank you. I say. I brush hair real quick and head down the stairs. When reach the main room I see Bunny standing in the corner of the room leaning against the wall. "Hey there sweetheart. "he says. "Bunny! "I yell. I run towards him and hug him. "How are you I haven't seen you in a long time. "I say. "Well you know with Easter coming up in three months I have been very busy. "He says. "Well then what brings you here?" I ask. He just looks at me with a smile on his face. "Well I am not the one to say. It must be said somewhere else. "He says. "Why what's going on? "I ask. "Well your gonna have yo find out when we get to the pole." He says. "The Pole? You mean the North pole why? "I ask. "Well I am gonna have to tell you there. Fellas!! "He yells. I am all of a sudden grabbed and put inside a bag and thrown into a portal." HEY LET ME OUT OF HERE! "I yell. "See ya back at the Pole fellas. "Says bunny. I then hear a stomp and hear him jump in. "BUNNY YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD EXPLANATION FOR THIS!! "I yell. "Jgjfjenxjdjcjdjd." Says one of the yetis. I then am running threw a portal. I am then slammed into the ground and I hear voices. "She's here. "Says a Russian accent. The bag is then opened and I see little elves. I look up to see a man in grey and red with a long beard. Santa? What does he want? I think to myself.

"Ahhh Daughter Nature I hope the yetis treated you well. "Says Santa. "Ahh yes I just love being kidnapped and tossed magic portal. "I say sarcastically." Ahh good that was my idea. "He says. "Okay can any of you tell me what is going on Summer is coming up and I must get prepared. "I say. "Ahh yes well we should first should introduce our self. I am Santa as you may know you probably already know Bunny obviously." he says. I look to my right to see bunny standing in the corner. "Obviously. "I say. "Then there is tooth." He says. I then see a fairy like creature coming up to me right at my face. "Hello Daughter Nature. I have heard a lot about you and your teeth. I remember when you were only a child you flossed so well. "She says. I look at her like she was crazy. "Then there is Sandy. "He says. I look at him and he waves. I politely waved back. "Then there is Jack Frost. JACK!! "He yells. I then see a boy maybe one year older than me with very white hair pale skin and he is holding some kind of staff. He comes right to my face which is kinda weird because it looks like he is going to kiss me." Ummm does he always do this to people?" I ask. "Hey Jack back away for a second. "Says bunny. He just back away but still stares at me. "Wait so why am I here?" I ask. "That's the one question huh? Why. Well then my friend I want to tell you that you are GUARDIAN! "He says. Then all of a sudden there us music and marching all around. I look around and see that everyone is smiling. Then Santa gets a book and I reveal my staff and hit it on the ground. Then everything just stops. "Wait hold the phone I am a what now!" I say. They look at each other and Santa just laughs. "Well my friend I must explain to you on what a guardian is. What we do is protect the children of the world. Each one of those lights is a child that believes. He says. He points at a globe and I go to it. This is why we need your help Pitch Black is out there doing who knows what!" He says. "So will you take oath?" He ask. I think about it for a minute. "Yes I will take oath. "I say. "Haha good now hand me the book. "He ask. He is then handed a big book and he reads. "Will you Daughter Nature protect the children of the world with your fellow guardians? "He says. "I will." I say. "And now you will be forever more a GUARDIAN! "He yells. They all clap and congratulate me. What have I gotten my self into. I ask myself.

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