13. Demon, or Angel?

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7:34 PM.
Pemberton Heights, South Boston.

Kelly pulled up into his Studio driveway, sighing as the engine went silent. Pondering his day and, the conversation he had with his Father. He worried that Micah, a fiend from his very troubled past. Would get into his head, but he fought the urge to cry. To remember how far he had came and how much he had changed.

Many things could have went bad, but luckily Franco Garcia had been there to save Kelly. To show him the light, which he feened to touch. Though he had been caressed by it, there was a nagging feeling of rebuttal. A puissant ebb of mental malady, that suppressed his positive thoughts. Plunging him into the depths of his despair.

With a heavy sigh, Kelly jerked his door open and stepped out. For a second, he sensed a presence and halted. Going quiet, as footsteps moved closer to him.

He clutched the pistol in his waist, awaiting the moment but dreading the thought of having to use it. Yet, he knew he'd be hurt if he didn't pull it out, and that's when he did. Pulling out his Colt M1911, taking off the safety as he pointed it at the person that loomed behind him.

Kelly froze, and his face paled in utter astonishment as he came face to face, with the solid blue eyes of a beautiful demon, he had thought vanquished. His dark brown hair, and tanned skin glistening under the glow of the streetlight. As tall as a God, but as devious as a Devil who had nearly ripped Kelly's heart and soul from his body.

"Hey, it's just me!" Micah spoke in the devilishly deep voice, that sent shrills of fear climbing up Kelly's spine. His hands held up, and palms outright.

"What the hell are you doing here, Micah?!" Kelly asked, still clutching his gun in high vigilance.

"So that's how you greet me after 8 years, Kelly?" Micah asked, gaining a frown of disbelief from him.

"You shouldn't be here and you know that!" Kelly said, as Micah took a step towards. "Don't-," Kelly began but Micah quickly butted in.

"Look, I'm sorry I came to you like this but, I needed to see you."

"W-why?" Kelly asked, glaring at Micah. Suddenly assaulted by the emotions he'd buried long ago.

Kelly knew it was only a matter of time, before Micah Jameson came to find him. He had no doubt that Micah had been watching him, and Kelly pondered why his Father hadn't noticed.

"So we could talk," Micah said hopefully and Kelly let out a shrill laugh, that ached in his chest.

"Wow, Micah, that's-that's rich coming from you!" Kelly spat, and Micah grimaced.

"Kelly, I'm not here to hurt you and I'm sorry that I did all those years ago but, I'm here to make up for all of that."

"So you came here to seek redemption?" Kelly asked with an unamused scoff. "You came here to seek my forgiveness, for almost ruining my life?!" Kelly shifted on his legs, as his whole book shivered in angst. His hands gripping the gun, as his finger pressed against the trigger.

"I'm a changed man, Kelly, even you can understand that." Micah expressed languidly and he grunted in dismissal.

Kelly gave Micah a once over, finally noticing how much Micah had changed. He no doubt still had the intense, blue eyes, and confident gait. Only, his attire was different and appeared somewhat clean. His Denims didn't have holes, and he wore a Blazer of sorts, with a light dress shirt below it. A whole different appearance, from the negligent fashion sense he had years prior. Even his hair had been neatly cut, and styled as opposed to the spikes he wore back then. Everything seemed to be changed, but Kelly was still wary.

"Micah, you hurt me." Kelly said in a choked voice. "I almost went to prison for your Fuck up, and that doesn't even cover a quarter of the shit I dealt with when I was involved with you. Now you show up here, looking like-like this, and expect me to believe that you've changed?" Kelly asked, narrowing his gaze at Micah, who held his head down in shame.

"Just putt the gun away, Kelly, please. I'm not here to fight, I'm just here to see you. I missed you," Micah tried, taking another step closer. Close enough to wrap his arm around the muzzle of Kelly's gun.

Kelly's body shook, as tears welled up in his soft, brown eyes. Wetting his cheeks, as they slid down his flustered face in waves. Micah forced a nervous smile, as he managed to get Kelly to put his Gun away reluctantly.

"Hey, hey, look at me." Micah said in a soft whisper, as he cupped Kelly's cheeks between his palms. Forcing Kelly to look up at him, and into his eyes. "I'm sorry, ok?" Micah said, as he pressed closer to Kelly, who began shivering against Micah.

Yet, it was short lived, as Kelly pushed Micah away from him. Causing the much taller man, to almost topple over on the concrete. Peering at Kelly in surprise, and a small ounce of fear.

"Stay, the hell away from me!" Kelly shouted at Micah, who opened his mouth to speak. Keeping his lips clamped shut, as Kelly walked away from him.

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