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Hello, everyone!

This is unfortunately not a new chapter, but instead I've decided to take some time to address some frequently asked questions since I've received quite a few ever since I came back from my hiatus.

1. Why did you take down/re-write The Lonely King?

The original draft of The Lonely King was written when I was 13, left on hold, taken down and put back up again. I finally finished it when I was 15. I've just turned 17, and as with everyone that ages, gotten more mature. I have been wanting to re-write The Lonely King for such a long time, but always put it off because I had other works in the making (like Begin Again). However, I felt that to grow as a writer and to provide better quality works for my dearest readers, the rewrite of The Lonely King was something I needed to do. The new version will have better grammar and structure, more chapters, extra backstories and of course, fewer plot holes!

2. When do you update? Can you update more frequently?

As of now, I update once a week! Every Sunday, the moment I wake up (7/8 AM UTC +8, SGT). As for more frequent updates, I'm afraid that I'm unable to do so. Ever since school started, I've been swamped with assignments and assignments and assignments, and I hardly have the time to write. I hope everyone understands that! I guess I should share this with everyone as well, as I'm sure many writers face the same problem as I do. When writers decide to commit to a regular update, it can sometimes take a toll on our imagination and willingness to write. Writing becomes more of a chore than something that is done to relax and enjoy. With Begin Again, I felt very pressured to keep coming up with new chapters that I did not have the time to edit chapters or stick to the storyline. So I do plead with all of you to be patient and understanding to your authors! We are trying our best :")

3. What happened to your other works (Kings and Queens, When The Sun Goes Down, Brain Juice, The Gate To Eden, The Silence of Hollywood)?

I've taken them down temporarily as I wanted and needed to rewrite The Lonely King (and subsequently, Blurred Lines and Begin Again). I wanted to focus on completing the Royals Series (yes, the whole series!) before moving on to my other works.

4. Will you update Begin Again?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. With the rewrite of The Lonely King (and subsequently Blurred Lines and Begin Again), the plot might differ slightly. I also want to concentrate on The Lonely King, so I will not be updating Blurred Lines or Begin Again.

5. Why did you change some of the characters in The Royals Series?

As much as some of the cast were beloved, I never really felt like they fit into their characters. The characters that have been replaced fit better in my own opinion, and I don't plan on changing them any time soon.

6. Do you have any tips of beginners?

I consider myself a bit of a old-timer on Wattpad because I've been roaming around here for over 5 years, as a reader and as a writer.

As a reader, books with aesthetically pleasing covers and short but interesting blurbs catch my attention. So take note of that the next time you design a cover for a new book and write a synopsis for it. You don't want to give the whole story away, you want to hook your readers! Of course, the other thing that is really important is proper grammar and spelling. I can't stress this enough! Practice makes perfect! As for recommended number of words per chapter, try to hit 2200+ words if you are writing a full-length novel. Images and videos are also good methods to engage audiences, so include them where you see fit.

As a writer trying to gain a larger audience, it's good to engage with your followers. When I first started writing The Lonely King, I had about 10 votes per chapter and 1-2 comments each, but I was so happy! I always thanked readers that commented on my books. I know I hardly do that now but that's simply because there are so many comments! I do sometimes reply funny comments though, they make my day.

I've never sent other people messages asking them to read my books/critique my books/give me a shoutout, but if you want to, go ahead. Don't be disappointed or angry if people don't reply to you, though! I find the best method to catch my attention is to post on my wall (I hardly check private messages) and have a nice profile. I don't really have the time to read books on Wattpad, but if your book catches my attention, I'll usually give it a shoutout on my page or add it to my reading list.

7. Will you be hosting any writing contests?

After The Lonely King is finished, I plan to hold a mini contest. That's all I'm going to say! ;-)

With that said, I hope I've answered most of your budding questions! I hope my answers were helpful too :)

Much love! xx

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